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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I now understand WHY It Is The Bad Chapter.

    the ring is cool and honestly, if I had been without combat for any longer I would have gotten more annoyed with it but the abilities are cool.

    I understand what you’re saying @ZsDbk88 about the atmosphere but that’s also the ludonarrative dissonance problem of many video games. How long can something be “unfun” in a medium that is meant to showcase “fun” as the primary asset? Of course, that kind of level design would work in another game, but it’s also not the game I signed up to play.

    The game is very good at atmosphere and FEELING in the moment, but sometimes letting something linger so long is a problem. Like this is a hallway dungeon with jump scares that I’m tired of, let me hit shit please.

    Ardyn DOES remain compelling though.

    is there an order I should do the DLC? Just as they came out or...?
  2. It makes more sense to play the DLC chapters in order, they all slot into different parts of the main story, so playing them as you got to each of those parts would have also worked. They really did a fantastic job with the DLC chapters in this game, each one feels unique, and they're all very engaging.
  3. well I didn’t Womp womp nn next time maybe.
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  4. Well, the game doesn't really give you that information anyway. It would have been smart to mention during the main story when each of the episodes take place. They're all when the characters leave the party for a bit, except for Ardyn's which takes place in the past.

    It's such a shame the rest of the second batch of episodes got cancelled. Ardyn's is very interesting so I really would have liked to see what they followed it with.

    It's very cool how each of the episodes plays/feels somewhat similarly to a different series. Gladio is kind of like Dark Souls, Prompto Metal Gear, Ignis Assassin's Creed and Ardyn Devil May Cry.
  5. Also, let me point out it is a fun experience to play the DLCs as they go but of course that is only recommended if you have already played the game since they spoil the ending.

    @soratami, I read the detailed summaries of the book so it really is a shame the new episodes were canceled. It actually reminded me a lot of older FFs, especially FF13 which I guess might have been on purpose and who knows, some ideas might have been taken from what Versus 13 wanted to be. The only thing I have mixed feelings about is how Bahamut is portrayed which wouldn't really be a problem, except it seems it kind of messes up with the original story BUT then again, maybe I misunderstood him in the original.

    As in, I didn't find him to be evil, just indifferent, without emotions so he thought killing millions to save the whole humanity is necessary. BUT the book suggests he wanted to use the Terra Flare attack during that Astral War, it would wipe everyone because he thought people deserved it, and the only reason he didn't is because he was too weak to pull it off at the time.

    BUT this was just a summary, I might buy the book to see if this happened.

    By the way, since you played Ardyn's DLC:

    Do you think the whole defying or accepting the fate was kind of one in the same? I just find it weird the ending scene is exactly the same whether you accept or fight. If Ardyn accepts, he is rightfully pissed off and if he refuses, Bahamut tortures him but it seems Ardyn STILL acts the same, he still agrees to spread the Starscourge. I guess the only difference is that he decides to rebel later which is showcased in the book. But yeah, I thought the DLC ending is still strange.
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  6. Not NOW bravely default I’m busy crossing some animals
  7. Phew, the last showdown in KH3 is so long, I am still not done. I like it though and I think I get what is happening haha! One question though - what exactly caused Terra's armor to come and help the 2nd time around?
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  8. Something about Bravely Default 2 feels off. To me it's like, what felt fresh on 3DS suddenly looks cheap on Switch.
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  9. I've beaten the game but nearly all of the story has evaporated from my mind, @Jonathan27 help.
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  10. Me defending Kingdom Hearts 3 and then someone brings up the plot

  11. I feel like the big revelations in The Bad Chapter are meant to mean more, but we’re on the final stretch and I’m still enjoying this.

    the core four are the most compelling part of the game and it’s a rather compelling villain still so, I’m still content. Also using the Armiger is so fun.
  12. Yeah, everyone thinks Kefka is the villain of FF franchise but I think Ardyn tops that now. He really is interesting, you almost feel sorry for him in a way and you really understand his motives which is not always the case in the game. Everything that comes out from his mouth sounds so cunning, the actor really brought him to life so well.

    I have to say that at the end of the Bad Chapter the sound is awful. Who the hell thought it is a good idea to volume up the music while the villain is revealing his secret? You barely hear him and on top of that Noct moans in the background which also really doesn't help. I guess this is also one of the examples of them rushing the game to the finish line.
  13. A sweet ending. The core four forgive a multitude of sins. A flawed game but one I enjoyed far more than I thought I would.
  14. Can’t they send people a digital download of the game?
  15. My preorder of the Square Enix Store has been shipped today. It seems like it will be on time.
  16. Now I regret I didn't buy it on SE store. But I presume the shipment would have been expensive.

    Gah, FF7 was the only FF game my brother had played, no one else got hooked on the series. He will have to wait awhile though because I will play the remake for a very LONG time haha!
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  17. I finished KH3, that is some long ass finale. Ugh, I thought everything is wrapped up nicely and then they had to do that with Sora and Xibar/Luxu. I don't get that part, what the hell is in that box? What he even wants? I have a feeling KH will NEVER end - the last 5 minutes just opens so many questions and I am supposed to believe there are no plans for more? Yeah right!

    Also, that secret ending with Sora and Yozura is confusing. Damn you Nomura, I bet we will wait 20 years for KH4.
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  18. They are doing a remaster for Nier Replicant:

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  19. I have waited so long
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