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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Just listening to the FFVIIR soundtrack and oh my god Seven Seconds to the End. I love You Can Hear The Cry of the Planet so was so happy to hear it sampled here. I wasn't expecting to hear this in game 1!
  2. Recently I am hooked on Jenova's melody but there are so many great tracks like Return to The Planet, A Broken World, A Tower, A Promise, Ignition Flame, Under Cover Of Smoke, Smash Em, Rip Em, Home Away From Home... The only thing I am disappointed with is that the OST doesn't include different version of Tifa's theme because it sounds incredible:

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  3. The World Ends With You is currently half off on the Switch eShop, which is a pretty great deal considering Switch games rarely get big discounts. I might get it, always been curious about that game.
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  4. Just finished Final Fantasy 7 Remake and honestly wig. That's what a 2020 JRPG should look and feel like. Don't even mind the episodic structure if they manage to not blow it with the other installments.


    I never played the original Final Fantasy 7 so this was my first exposure to the story. I'm wondering why so many critics and fans were upset with the ending? It didn't feel particularly controversial to me, but maybe it's because of the perspective I came into this with.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it. I think people got upset about the ending because everything we knew is up in the air, it is unknown. Personally, I am excited for the future and I don't believe the changes will be that drastic.
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  6. Can someone PLEASE do the IX skipping mini game for me because it’s really pissing me off. How do I do this with Vivi before moving on?!
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  7. She's doing another playthrough of the original FFVII and having an absolute blast! I may have gone a bit overboard in terms of grinding. I've just reached Rocket Town and Cloud is level 45, plus most of my party are on their level 3 limit breaks. I may slow down on the grinding, as the last boss battle (Materia Keeper) barely left a scratch.
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  8. RJF


    FFIX is twenty years old today! Legend!
  9. Christ I feel old.
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  10. And continues to be an absolute joy to play even after all these years. We stan one of the best videogames of all time.
  11. Was JUST coming in here to say happy 20th birthday to my favorite game of all time!

    Melodies of Life never fails to warm my heart.
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  12. The fact that VIII and IX were released only 18 months apart, and are both so different, but utter classics is iconic.

    IX is honestly the peak of what the PS1 could do. I don't even need a remake because honestly I don't think they could improve it. Even the graphic style has aged beautifully, I don't think it would really benefit from modern graphics tech.
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  13. What a masterpiece of a soundtrack.

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  14. Having just played the Switch port, the *only* thing it needs is the speeding up of battle load times/battle action load times. Even with fast forward it's noticeable, but otherwise it's a flawless game.

    Obviously this has to do with it pushing the PS1 to its limits, I get that.

  15. My absolute favourite.
  16. Going through my FFVIII playthrough and I just finished Disc 3...sis the plot holes......time is literally an abstract concept we compressing now......ok


    I'm really enjoying a particular aspect of this FF: sometimes the game leans on body horror (the section when the Fake President reveals itself to be a zombie or even Rinoa bound to Adel's flesh in that whole S&M dungeon way) and that's hitting the spot for someone like me who loves when Castlevania games get gross and is fascinated with visceral Silent Hill-like concepts but is too scared to play the actual games! Also funny how this and Parasite Eve were released in the same year — maybe Nomura was feeling his horror movie oats that year?
  17. I’ve just reached Lindblum in IX and I’m already adoring Vivi’s character arc so far. I didn’t really appreciate how heartbreaking it was when I was playing the game at ten years old.

    Steiner is still grating on me, I always disliked him. Amarant joining the party when I was younger irked me too. Seriously, they had Beatrix right there, or even his partner, Lani with the huge axe, and we had to get one of the most bland characters in the series.
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