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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Girls.

    It's in early development. Lest you forget, XIII's original trailer featured Lightning fighting solo.

    There will be party members. There's even mention of a possible female protagonist from the dialogue.

    Breathe for a minute.
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  2. I will not.
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  3. Also, we don't see any commands during the fight sequences.

    Since Yoshida did say more info is coming next year, I hope it means it isn't THAT far away. Like come on SE, don't tell me its crazy to expect it in late 2021/2022.

    But it looks amazing, ugh!
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  4. It didn't look bad but there was nothing compelling about it. It looks like a cross between the last two entries and when you think of the creative opportunity you must get when coming up with a new Final Fantasy world, it feels even more uninspired.

    Imagine if the members of this thread came up with a new FF game, it would be nothing short of iconic.

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  5. Well... Lightning looked interesting (in my opinion - not that more than half of that cast didn't look like average joes). This will be the second main title in a row where main characters look like stock NPC models. For this one in particular, they look like rejected models for the FFXIV character shown as a protagonist in the videos I've seen of it (who is also generic but it being an MMO, I thought it was partly the point). I just don't understand what such normal looking characters are doing in a Final Fantasy world setting. Why can't they make a fantasy world with more fantasy than "everyone is a pretty human and some minorities may be fantastical races that you won't even get background lore for." The art style plays a big part in this too. I hope we go back to more cartoonish visuals and proportions at some point. Enough with the "realistic" looks.
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  6. Yeah, that was weird. I seemed a lot more of a "story trailer" than a "reveal trailer", if that makes sense. Something flashier and more cinematic would have probably worked better.
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  7. It’s just not realistic. Square has backed themselves into a corner with being the dev that brings the cutting edge visual delight and that just would never translate to the games of old. The closest we have got would be Shadowbringers’ dazzlingly colorful world maps and....probably Type-0 but even that was grounded in realism.

    It almost seems to me that games like FF4-9 would just never be made in this day and age. A trade off of how the video game industry has evolved.
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  8. Sorry to double post,

    but re: my last post I just feel like JRPGs in the current era have been utterly homogenized and reduced to two archetypes (probably as a way to ensure sales) and they’re either graphically intensive action influenced thrill rides or ANIME
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  9. I don't know, after watching the trailer a couple of times, this does resemble a real fantasy game, its not really FF15. Ok maybe in a way that you guard a prince but that is about it. There is a lot of fantasy here, realms, crystals, big showdowns, summons etc. It seems summons will actually play a big role in it. And I guess Joshua is special, it looked like he can't control that summon, since everyone yells at him to stop it and wake up.

    I am intrigued, not gonna lie.
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  10. At the same time, it is more of a "myth" that FF still has cutting edge visuals. Or rather, that realistic representation is something they excel at. There are several games that make more real-life looking characters, and they are actually supposed to. Visuals that push the boundaries of what the console can produce in terms of photo realism, textures, framerates etc that could be framed as an accomplishment and cutting-edge don't really NEED to be real-life looking, do they. I do agree that their reasoning is exactly what you are saying!
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  11. my theory is Joshua is going to be our lil shit Summoner party member, and that we’re probably going on the run with him to end up fighting against the patriarchy/empire/evil family of his or whatever lol
  12. Lol. I actually think he died? Which is why that main protagonist says he is going to kill someone. In any case, speculating is fun. This trailer sure is a mixed bag of a lot of things. Like, we see a lot but we can't really connect the dots what exactly is going on.
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  13. Oh man, this is a damn trailer and we already have a gigantic difference in translation. Like, why? Why should English version be robbed out of that info?

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  14. It's not entirely clear what the protagonist's role is in the future, but the prologue part appears to go something like this:

    - Main character is Joshua's bodyguard
    - Their kingdom is attacked
    - Joshua transforms into Phoenix when his father is killed
    - Joshua is killed by Ifrit
    - Protagonist swears to avenge Joshua
  15. Very interesting.
  16. OR does he turn into both at the same time because he is in conflict?
  17. Honestly I can’t say that the trailer really hyped me for the game, I’ll try to reserve judgement as I’m sure it’s very early in development.
  18. Am I misremembering what Final Fantasy XV looked like or does this game somehow look worse, graphically, even setting the dull grey tones aside?
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  19. Shiva is giving me PS3-teas.

  20. I was actually quite happy with the trailer, but am I alone in wishing they would give turn based combat another go? Persona 5 showed just how exciting and dynamic the format can be, and I would gladly take that over the spamming on XV.
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