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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. same though I’m gutted that they’ll be reworking Astrologian AGAIN

    also the Ultimate raid being delayed well into 6.1 is a massive upset but I understand....gonna just unsubscribe til the expac cuz I ain’t got much else to do now as a high end raider.

    The FF4 callbacks in this expansion have me so excited. Bring on Golbez, bring on the Tower of Babel!
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  2. Replaying FFX for the bazillionth time because I got it discounted on Switch. I just adore the world, the story and characters and always end up coming back to it.

    Seriously though, Blitzball can get fucked. This playthrough I’ve managed to actually win a match for the first time but after twenty years and numerous playthroughs, I still have no clue how it works. Who on earth thought this would be a good inclusion and what utter troll went even further by tying Wakka’s Celestial weapon to it?

  3. I remember I once dedicated a whole week to Blitzball to get Wakka's Limits and Celestial weapon stuff. Once you figure it out it is really easy.

    I'd rather do that than the Chocobo thing for Tidus.
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  4. And yes, we will be fighting Anima in Endwalker :)

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  5. Christ I’d forgotten about that. On PS3 / PS4 I would normally just start a new game until just before Sin and then reload a previous save where I’d already gotten most of the celestials (never been able to manage Wakka or Lulu’s though). Now I’m replaying on switch the thought of having to do any of them again is mind numbing. Why do I love this stupid fucking game so much.
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  6. I managed Lulu's once before. There is a certain spot you can just run back and forth where a lightning bolt will always hit. You soon sink into a rhythm. Although I sort of never want to attempt it ever again,

    I only managed the Tidus one by accident too, i was just trying to train my chocobo and it happened. It's so bloody annoying.

    Yuna, Rikku and Auron's weapons and sigils are easy-ish enough. Never use Khimari so never bothered with him.
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  7. Even with using that specific spot I got too frustrated and gave up. The rest are pretty straightforward though, I agree.
  8. FFX is still the best game of all time.
  9. I played Dido on repeat to mellow me out ddd.
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  10. Blitzball really isn't hard to get the hang of, and it's actually a lot of fun once you get into the whole team management aspect, learning skills, recruiting better players and whatnot. One thing that makes Blitzball way more enjoyable is turning off auto-movement though, that being on by default is probably a big reason why a lot of people dislike the game.

    Getting 0:00 in the Chocobo race really is an absolute nightmare though, definitely one of the most frustrating gaming experiences ever.
  11. Speaking of Melody of Memories, it kind of sent me how much this sounds like an 80s Madonna song:

    It especially sounds like her in the verses, with that hesitation/appreciation rhyme and everything.
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  12. Ooh didn't know this song featured in the game. Nice to hear Olivia again - wish Avex would put her stuff on Spotify!
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  13. Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX costing between £10-£20 on Nintendo e-store but X costing £45 is homophobia at its finest.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    ....It's Nintendo. That's why.
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  15. X is more expensive because it's a proper remaster and you're also getting a remaster of X-2. It really wouldn't have made sense for it to be the same price as VII/VIII/IX.
  16. RJF


    I fell down a bit of a FFX rabbit hole on YouTube and I know the voice acting gets a lot of stick, but the actress voicing Yunalesca is perfect.

    "Poor creature.

    You would throw away hope. Well…

    I will free you before you can drown in your sorrow.

    It is better for you to die in hope than to live in despair.

    Let me be your l̶͙̑̈́̉̓i̷͍̮̦͆̂́͋b̴̬̣̓̏́͜ẻ̶̛̙͉̼̦͗͑r̶̼͍͝à̸̢͇ẗ̴̤̞̲́̊ͅo̴̙͙̰̠͐͆̉ŗ̸̊̾̄."​
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  17. Outside of a few choice moments that people have hammered into the ground, the voice acting in FFX is mostly solid, especially considering how few games were fully voiced back then (and even less so ones with as much heavy material as X is working with).
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  18. The voice acting in FFX is really not bad at all. There's some stilted lines here and there but you have to wonder if these people who say the voice acting is so bad have heard a real JRPG with bad voice acting. The presentation of FFX is pretty much on point across the board.
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  19. The gaming community is so shit at critiquing anything. I feel like nuance completely escapes them. I'm thinking about the general reaction to the Tidus and Yuna laughing scene. Yeah, it could have been executed better, but the idea behind it is pretty emotionally complex?

    I swear people just heard the awkwardness of it and assumed the scene was bad. It's fucking meant to be awkward.
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  20. I bought FF8 on Switch for £8 and that’s about as much as those muddy backgrounds deserved nn
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