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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. This is barely news dd. Might as well announce that you get to fight monsters in the game.

    What I really want to know about FF16 is whether there'll be a party of it'll be just the one character. I really hope it's former but I fear it might be the latter.
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  2. People weren't happy when only Noctis was playable so it would be a strange decision if they repeat that. That first trailer was put together quickly and maybe other playable characters weren't ready for presentation but who knows, I do hope there will be a party.
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  3. Nothing about FF16 has looked remotely appealing so far. Just focus on the next twelve volumes of FF7Remake please.
  4. I liked the tidbits of lore/worldbuilding we got but it looks as ugly as any new Square Enix game with """realistic""" graphics/looks.
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  5. I know modern day Square Enix is full of issues when it comes to their big releases, but I've been really impressed with them really sticking to their statement that they were trying to digitize all of their old RPGs and make them available again.

    Obviously there are some pretty huge missing games on consoles (FF 1–6, FF Tactics), but it's really impressive that they're remastering and re-releasing obscure games like SaGa Frontier and Legend of Mana that I would think would be lost to time and emulators forever. I hope the Valkyrie Profile series is the next one to get the focus.
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  6. FFX is linear done right. FFXIII should have used it as a model because that game went too far in the linearity department. It was literally pretty corridors whereas FFX still managed to create a world that felt whole.
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  7. FFVIIR's world was great too despite being quite linear, actually the linearity was part of what made it great. I think there's definitely room for both more linear games and big open ones, as they offer very different experiences. Hopefully SE will continue doing both rather than turning the next FFVII episode into another big open world, especially since that's what it looks like FFXVI is going to be.
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  8. I feel like FF XIII would've worked as a linear dungeon crawler if the battle system was better and more refined (and more opened up, flexible, and difficult earlier in the game). I just think the battling wasn't quite perfected enough to be the main focus of the game, superseding exploration.

    There were enough QoL updates made for XIII-2 that would've done the trick, I think.
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  9. XIII has so many elements that I adore, it's a shame they fucked up on the basics.
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  10. I would probably rank the FF games I've played (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10-2,12,13) like this:

    1. FF10
    2. FF9
    3. FF12
    4. FF8
    5. FF7
    6. FF6 (this one's a bit overrated; of course its amazing, but I think the games that came after have more interesting stories, characters, and settings)
    7. FF13
    8. FF5 (the story of this game is not doing shit, but the gameplay is so good)
    9. FF4 (this game probably would have blown by mind when it came out but it really does come across as more a product of its time than anything)
    10. FF10-2 (despite the amazing battle system, I though this 'sequel' kind of sucked. FF10 was so serious and deep that this fairly silly and dumb story just doesn't land for me)
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  11. Oooh yes rankings! Low key surprised it took us this long:

    1. FFX
    2. FFIX
    3. FFVI
    4. FFVII
    5. FFVIII
    6. FFX-2
    7. FFXIII
    8. FFIV
    9. FFIII (DS)
    10. FFXII
    11. FFV
    12. FFXV
    13. FF
    14. FFII

    The first three are level. I adore VII but I think it's padded out the most by nostalgia: IX remains the premiere PS1 Final Fantasy outside Tactics. XII is a weird one because I stan Ivalice as a concept but damn is it ugly and the combat is littered with so many potential status ailments that linger post combat that it always tanks any enjoyment I start to muster playing the game.
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  12. [​IMG]
    2. FFX
    3. FFVI
    4. FFTactics FFVII
    5. FFVIII
    6. FFXIV
    7. FFXII
    8. FFX-2
    9. FFV
    10. FFIV
    11. FFXV
    12. FFIII
    13. FFII
    14. FF
    15. FFXIII-2
    16. FFXIII
  13. FFXIII and FFXV both suffer from the same problem in that their worlds feel hollow and lifeless. An open world doesn't mean anything if there's not actually... people in it.
  14. *shudders in Kingdom Hearts 3*
  15. How I'd rank, out of what I've played.

    1. FFX
    2. FFVII Remake
    3. FFIX
    4. FFXII
    5. FFXV
    6. FFX-2
    7. FFIV
    8. FFXI

    There's not a game on this list I disliked. FFXI just landed at the bottom because I barely remember much from it, and IV is a wonderful game but, as has been pointed out, is a product of its time.

    I've done a partial playthrough of the GBA port of Final Fantasy VI, but I didn't want to list anything I haven't finished. I'd probably rank it around four or five, though. I've also started and stopped playing the first three Final Fantasy games at one point or another, but could never stomach the QoL issues. (And I remember finding the III remake on DS surprisingly hard.)
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  16. The XIII world was actually pretty interesting visually and conceptually though, FFXV's "Borderlands with crystals" fantasy can't relate.
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  17. FFXIII had a great concept and world but just fumbled the bag in...nearly every way possible from a narrative perspective.
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  18. RJF


    FFXIII was literally just a jargon avalanche. If you’re having to provide a constantly updating dossier to remind players what things are and why things are happening, you fucked up in the story boarding.
  19. I actually ended up loving my second play through of FFXIII (the soundtrack especially is one of my favourites), but throughout my first experience of it I was like...wat
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