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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Exactly, I keep saying that to a friend who says it will be ridiculous if we will have to wait years between the parts. Even if some things are already made, they still have a lot to work on. Heck, even if you just take the VA into consideration. I know we are all impatient but there is no point in rushing something like this, I want them to maintain the quality that we got in FF7R. I find it ridiculous some people think they are incompetent if they need more time than some other companies. Everyone works differently, there is nothing wrong with that. And what, you can still work for years and years and have countless issues that Cyberpunk had.
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  2. Well, it still is ridiculous because they could have developed a bigger part of all the games before they start releasing them. But I guess the financial profit/viability is greater the way they do it now. (Plus they do not risk leaks from future installments.) It still is shitty to release parts of a remake with the pace that they do, no matter much sense it makes in terms of feasibility. Maybe when part 2 comes out (and it is unrecognizable), there will no longer be a desire for them to get the subsequent parts out sooner as the structure/format will be clearer (and no longer comparable to the original game).
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  3. When it comes to FF7R though there is no way they could have actually developed a bigger part before the release, not when the leaks would have come through in 2015 if they hadn't announced it first. And if they waited then everyone would complain why it takes them so long to release and would surely go on and on how the game is cancelled. Its very tricky situation they are in because it is FF7R, when the pressure is very high.

    Its cool they seem to be more at ease with FF16, they actually showed a proper trailer instead of 5 seconds teaser which hopefully means the game isn't 5 years away.
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  4. I bought Life Is Strange 2, its on 60% discount. I heard good things about it so hopefully I will enjoy it.
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  5. @ZsDbk88 sis it's called capitalism.
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  6. They can just be okay with leaks? We find out about movies and TV shows being made all the time before they’re officially announced or trailers released. Video games being so tight lipped about leaks just enables the publishers to control the narrative with just having marketing.

    I will hope that they get out the game in the next two years but as I do with Nintendo, I hold no expectations.
  7. That game wrecked me emotionally.
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  8. I mean I get what you’re saying (and it probably will take them forever to actually get anything else out) but right now it’s still been less than a year since Remake came out at least wait for them to fuck it up first dd
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  9. And I haven't even played it yet, ooops. (I wouldn't ever start this discussion myself, it was all completely theoretical for me, ddd.)
  10. truly, play it. it's so goddamn good. i don't have a single ounce of nostalgia for VII as i literally beat it for the first time last year but VII R was my game of the year.
  11. I downloaded FF7R on release day and still have not started. Oops. I need to dive in.
  12. Final Fantasy 7 is incredible. I haven't loved a game like that since the original.

    They took my favorite characters from over 20 years ago and made them even better. I couldn't stop smiling.
  13. I understand the complaints that some have, but FFVIIR is honestly a triumph in these eyes
  14. I didn't play FF7 Remake. I watched my brother play it. I honestly don't see how one can complain too much about game. It's a lovingly crafted expansion of probably the best parts of the original. The shit they added at the end made sense in terms of making just a portion of the story stand on its own.

    It did seem like the difficulty could be dialed down very slightly. Yes, there's easy mode but we tried it out on the last two bosses to see what it's like and it's TOO easy. Whereas in normal mode, the enemies are so aggressive. I think the difficulty could have been more balanced.

    That being said, my brother was only somewhat strategic as he played.
  15. RJF


    My problem with VIIR was purely how enemies seemed to be able to do anything while your own combat choices were so limited. The AI for characters outside your control was also awful.
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  16. Okay I spent my stimmy on Fire Emblem Three Houses finally. And i'm downloading Final Fantasy Remake thanks to the PS+ freebie. Shame I won't be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free though.
  17. Earth Guardian: "We are the guardians of Terra, we will show you the meaning of fear"
    Quina: "Pass the salt, I feel snacky"

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  18. quina was just along for the ride and it was great
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  19. Here is extended trailer for FF7R enhanced PS5 graphics. Its cool how you can actually see the sun braking through in the slums (around 1:08). But at the same time, it looks like things look better on PS4 than 5 when they show it on 0:36 haha:

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  20. He


    Did they fix mirror reflections though? I always cackled at the ugly mirrors and doorknobs.
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