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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I started playing Trials of Mana for like 10 hours and... she's a cute girl, but I was so bored.

    Lemme go back to Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Whew the quality. The sidequests. The character development. The minigames!
  2. BTG



    Bi-annual reminder that Parasite Eve is the real remake SE should be focusing on.
  3. Aya Brea is that bitch. I would love a remake.

    As long as there’s an option to wear the black dress the whole game. Her best look!
  4. Besides general SE apathy, this is somewhat held up by rights expiring, right? The original novel's author rescinded rights or something which is why The Third Birthday doesn't have Parasite Eve in the title.
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  5. BTG


    I believe the rights expired over time and since Aya was their own creation, they decided to just feature her in a sequel without the PE branding but it’s not like the author withheld the rights the second time or anything. Square Enix were just too cheap to buy them again dddd

    SE actually trademarked Parasite Eve in the UK for the first time ever in 2019 which suggested we were finally going to see a release here but alas, nothing yet.
  6. I feel like Trials of Mana truly gets engaging in the late game (when you face the Benevidons). I can understand how somebody can get bored at the 10 hour mark. It struggled to keep my attention at times for sure, but I'm glad I stuck with it.
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  7. He


    Third birthday is such a mess.
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  8. I never played Third Birthday but it sounded terrible. Can we get the first two games remade and a new third game.

    Then Capcom can take note and remake the first two Dino Crisis games and write a new third game and I will be happy.
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  9. Well, I started FF7:R thanks to it being free.
    Never played the original.
    Umm. The combat... Eek. I don't know yet. Y'all RPG lovers are used to this but not me. The spider boss killed Cloud and I finished it with Barret. Very annoying. Ran through all my potions and it was a mess. Like dang, maybe I need Easy mode.
    Or maybe I should put it in Classic mode so it'll be a bit more Turn Based feeling? I don't know.
  10. The combat takes some getting used to. The scorpion killed me on the demo.

    A remake of Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve and System Shock (and Final Fantasy 6) is all I want.
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  11. I would say continue a bit more. The Scorpion fight is just very hard because it's long and at that point of the game you still don't have many options in terms of attacking weaknesses. Go through the next couple of chapters, when you start getting new materia, and then you'll be able to form a better opinion.

    If the mix of action and commands seem strange to you, I recommend using the command shortcuts. I only did that by the end of my playthrough and it made a huge difference.
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  12. Like using L1 + Whatever for my abilities?
    There is a lot of buttons going on. I'm not used to action RPGs like this. Everyone loves games like this, Kingdom Hearts, etc. I get stressed having to run around, dodge, block AND navigate menus.
  13. Exactly. Sounds complicated but it streamlines the battle process by a lot once you know which are your favourite abilities.
  14. The combat in FFVIIR is among my favourite in the series.

    Such a great way to take the classic turn based system and update it. Once I realised I needed to stop playing it like a character action game (you will get hit) it all clicked for me.
  15. Wait, 220 awards, what?

  16. I'm not really one for trophy hunting in games but I do like to aim for the easier ones in games. I went to Stiltzkin in Alexandria in Disc 4 to finish his quest and get the Moonstone and Stiltzkin trophies but only the first one popped.
    I read that in Cleyra he is in the Inn but I always found him at the sandpit? Do you need to talk to him in the Inn for it to "work" then? Since I for sure bought everything from him everywhere.
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  17. First time ever defeating all the Dark Aeons and Penance on my own yes GOD.

    Now to flick Jecht aside and never touch FFX again for many years dddd.
  18. Okay so I played more today and used the quick shortcuts for abilities and had a WAY more enjoyable time.

    I'm a really filthy casual gamer and I will probably never beat this damn game but even just a couple hours in and I can see why FF7 is a fan favorite. The characters and story so far are all very intriguing and welcoming.

    Now- FF6 is my favorite in the series. And I have a strong attachment to the Super Nintendo graphics, but hey if they ever wanted to remake it how they remade this... I actually wouldn't be mad.
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  19. Currently in the first few hours of Chrono Cross and wow the soundtrack is great. I’m also really enjoying the unique dialogue a lot of the NPCs seem to have.

    This game would look amazing with a proper HD port that actually upscaled the backgrounds.
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