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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Chrono Cross is one of the few RPGs where it's worth it to talk to all of the NPCs.
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  2. I’m noticing that! They can be incredibly helpful.
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  3. For some reason I’ve never beaten FF9 remake. Till now. Forgot how rough Necron could be.
    Iconic that the last hit was a frog drop from Quina.
    My final party was Zidane, Dagger, Quina and Amarant who i really came to love. His Aura and Chakra abilities are life savers.

    AND WHY IS THE ENDING SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. such a beautifully written end to a wonderful story.
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  4. Extended trailer:

    Its cool someone actually swears in SE game, the way she said "fuck off" with passion haha!
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  6. Balan Wonderworld came out a couple of days ago and it's been getting pretty bad reviews so far. I don't think that'll come as a surprise to anyone, but it's still a shame. I think the game probably had the potential to be great (or at least good), but the execution seems like a mess, they really should have just spent a few more months on it to make it better.
  7. Rob


    I'm playing FFXV for the first time and, beside not having a clue what the hell is going on with the story, I absolutely hate the overworld. Everything is such a damn trek to get to and the driving is outrageously tedious.
  8. You really should watch Kingsglaive before playing FFXV, it's basically the movie-length equivalent of the game's opening cinematic (not that it'll turn the game's story into some sort of masterpiece, but at least it helps make sense of it). I agree about the overworld though, it's like their only concern was making it as big as possible, no care for it actually being interesting, fun to explore etc.
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  9. Yeah I think that is exactly what happened. They were probably driven by negativity around FF13 and majority of the opinions how it is a corridors game.

    Speaking of FFXV, I actually read The Dawn Of The Future 2 days ago, its not bad at all. I don't think it really cheapens the ending like so many say, I think it's just a different version of events, a non-canon thing. It actually makes more sense than what they tried with Ignis alternative route, at least things are explained which wasn't the case there, things happened there just because. I am glad I was able to read it because summary doesn't give you the full picture and it is influenced by what the reader thinks - the book now hasn't changed my opinion on Bahamut that I had in the original game but fans translations did.
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  12. Attempting Ozma. I think in the 16 years since I first played IX I have beaten him once and died about 123987 times.

  13. Freya was my MVP the last time I beat Ozma. He used Curse and wiped the rest of my party while she was in her Trance Jump, and she somehow managed to finish him off.
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  14. I DID IT.

    Zidane was pretty useless for most of it, he just attacked. Dagger was hasted and kept everyone alive and fully healed (God bless Auto reflect and reflect null combo)
    Quina switched between Angels snack and Frog Drop (maxed out)
    Amarant stayed in trance for most of the battle and spammed Chakra and Aura.
    Plus he had return magic.
    Auto haste and auto reflect were much needed abilities, as was auto regen.
    Everyone absorbed shadow, Dagger and Quina had pumice pieces to absorb Holy too. Zidane and Amarant had Chimera armlets so they were immune to holy which meant Ozma wasted turns using Holy and Level 4 Holy.


    I also ended up with two Ozma cards, he dropped one and I got one from Mene,
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  15. This new version of Eyes on Me from a FFVIII compilation album is really beautiful. I'm pleasantly surprised.

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  16. Nobuo is unbeatable.
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  17. Nice turnout, shame Sephiroth's VA isn't included but maybe he is busy filming Superman & Lois:

  18. As a huge FFX fan, I agree Tidus is a bad choice. He's a good character in terms of story arc but he might be the least cool lead character in the series.
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  19. I was somewhat intrigued by Balan Wonderworld at the latest Square Enix Presents, but turns out it's pretty awful:

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