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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Bravely Default 2 is releasing on PC and I imagine Outriders is getting regular updates as an online game. Besides a part of the TGS has always been promoting the current games, and Neo was released recently (and could honestly need all promo they can give it).
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  2. There is also Playstation showcase next Thursday so who knows, I think FF16 was revealed there last year.

    Also, this is nice for anyone who has PS Now:

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  3. I started Bravely Default 2 on a whim recently (never played the original two, although I do love the Final Fantasy job-based games like 3, 5, and Tactics).

    I just finished Chapter 1, and it does feel like the bosses are bit more brutal than other games? I'm used to party synergy (having a tank, DPS, and healer and clearly defined roles), but that Bernard fight... damn. I can already gather that this is a JRPG where I'm going to actually have to use Items I find, which is a nice change.

    Are status effects generally useful in the game as a whole? And what about buffs/debuffs? I've got Elvis as a high-level Bard but I feel like I was still getting brutalized in that last boss fight.

    And are raw character levels necessary/impactful?
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  4. The bosses can be pretty tough, I do like that the game makes you have to come up with a strategy for each one though, more fun than just being able to brute force everything. In terms of status ailments, poison helps a lot against bosses (except those who are immune to it, but most aren't). If you manage to apply it, it stays on through the whole fight, and the damage really adds up. The other status ailments can come in handy on occasion too, and as do buffs/debuffs, but personally I didn't use the Bard songs all that much, other jobs you get later on are more useful for both buffing and debuffing, and the best way to buff your party is through chaining specials, which is not something you can do quite yet. Character levels do matter, but I never felt like it was necessary to grind, save for some late/post-game optional bosses, your jobs/strategy/gear matter more.
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  5. Hell yes, this answers all of my questions beautifully. Thank you!

    Status Ailments usually feel so useless in most Square Enix JRPGs, so didn't even really attempt it on the other fights when I should have. Good to know I should actually attempt them going forward!

    I maxed Freelancer for everyone for the JP bonus skills. I love making different team comps and the puzzle-like nature of bosses is going to make me want to level up new jobs somewhat quickly when I hit a wall. I'm trying to avoid boss strategies/guides, since this feels like it would take away the whole fun of this game.
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  6. By the way speaking of Bravely it’s obviously sold well enough on the Switch because they’ve announced development of a the next game in the series.

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  7. I agree re status ailments. I think X-2 might be the worst offender, even the most basic enemies have a ton of status immunities... for some reason. It makes any status ailments never really worth bothering. I think XII might be the one where status ailments and buffs/debuffs make the most difference, I definitely enjoyed that about the combat system.

    Going into the BD2 bosses blind is definitely the way to go, that's what I did too. It's a lot of fun figuring out how to beat each one. They really did a great job at getting people to play around with various job/ability combinations.

    That's such great news, I really wasn't expecting anything about a new BD game this soon. I'm assuming it's a console game too since a mobile one came out very recently. I really love this series and it's a great way for SE to keep that classic turn-based, job-based gameplay alive, since it doesn't look like we're ever getting that in a FF game again.

    Imagine if the next game is called Bravely Second II dd
  8. So in my, let’s call it post work stupor, I’ve decided to give FFX another play (my barely there excuse is I want to play the switch version dd)

    **lightning dodging, chocobo riding, blitzball playing war flashbacks intensify**
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  9. One of these things is not like the others.
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  10. One of them won’t have my crying in the corner?
  11. yes god
  12. My gap in modules has me itching to replay this too.
    I grew to really love Blitzball, once I understood what the hell was going on.
    Lightning dodging is easy too once you find that sweet spot where lightning is guaranteed.

    I never got far into the chocobo stuff, mainly because I hate Tidus and so never desired to fully upgrade his celestial.
    Yuna, Rikku, Wakka >>>>>>
  13. This is really delayed since I beat it two days ago, but the Galahad boss fight in Bravely Default 2 can absolutely burn. What a slog of a fight. And then the next, bigger threat boss is not even a quarter as difficult!
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  14. Yeah, that one was a lot, it was probably the longest boss battle in the game. That's one of the fights where poison really helps, it was already long with the poison damage adding up through the fight, I can only imagine how bad it'd be without that.
  15. As someone who forgot to bring a Black Mage, it was... long. I found the adds with the different resistances so annoying to deal with, but Red Mage job max ability of free double cast making party heals very helpful.
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  16. I have to say Forspoken looks interesting, I am looking forward to it:

  17. This is totally me:

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  18. Voice of Cards seems very intriguing, it looks like it's quite unconventional and narrative-driven, which should be good given the talent involved.
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  19. I want to be intrigued by it, but I can't help but feel like it looks a bit like an Unreal Engine or graphic card tech demo.
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