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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. On my first ever playthrough decades ago I definitely sat on her potential but yeah, she's utterly monstrous when you start using her as a mixing bomb machine on bosses. Know what the right mixes are and the buffs and damage you can throw out are insane.

    Utterly essential character for the high end, really hard encounters.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Well hello, let's celebrate that. Bravely Default II is definitely one of my favourite games of the year, nice to see it reach this milestone.
  3. Now do the new superboss in the main game arena.
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  4. Good on them for not showing more despite sounding like most of the game is actually finished by now.
  5. An announcement to announce a lack of an announcement, thrilling.

    I tire of hearing COVID used as a reason for things like this, it seems to be an easy out especially when you look at the development shitshow that was XV. Not that it isn’t harder for staff but, when working from home has become normalcy for the rest of us, I don’t understand how it’s caused them delays of over half a year.
  6. I imagine the development of a AAA game with big staff that has to work together is much more trickier to work from home, maybe they don't have the same tools that they have in the HQ or they need to be in the same room to handle some things so its a slower process to do it remotely. Its not like they are the only ones having issues, plenty of games are being delayed and to me this looks nothing like XV nightmare - I am sure they could have released the new trailer now but they decided to wait.

    Besides, they could have easily ignore the promise they made about the new reveal by the end of 2021, I like the fact that Yoshida said something so its not really an announcement but an explanation.
  7. To be fair, it would be totally justified if they were either taking the time to develop a PS4 version, or just holding on until the PS5 is widely available. Not much point in rushing to get such a big game out when the PS5 install base is still so small, they'd only be hurting its success.
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  8. Nn mess.
  9. I would rather a delayed game than the normalisation of crunch culture and player entitlement to developer’s giving up their lives to release an entertainment product
  10. I agree with this, I honestly just wish (and I might be alone in this) that game developers stopped announcing things 3 years before they release. It's just frustrating to wait this long for something, and I wouldn't care and be upset about delays if it wasn't announced in the first place.
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  11. To be fair at no point did I say I expect developers to give up their lives for this game.
  12. RJF


    Stop trailing things that aren't going to be out for five years. It's not that hard. Was anything but a trailer even ready when they teased XVI? I think a bit of frustration is valid when they said with the trailer that they wouldn't be talking about XVI until it was way further into development, only for them to make an announcement that is basically, "Hey! You know how you thought that this game wasn't going to be out for ages? Add even more time onto that! And then double it!"

    But this has been Square Enix's approach for over a decade now, so whatever.
  13. I think there's a large misunderstanding of what would cause a delay for game development when it comes to remote work/COVID.

    There's the low-hanging fruit, which is the infrastructure. Not all game engine tools are cloud-based, and require significant hardware to run and create on, which may not be available easily at home. There's also home security concerns for networks.

    That's not even touching on the actual logistics and project management of developing an AAA game in 2021. Keeping a project on track and up to quality standards is hard enough for small teams in an office, and when you have an entire studio working on interdependent elements (that also require creative input as well as iterations) it becomes exponentially harder. A lot of that is somewhat reliant on having a lot of touch points and a high degree of collaboration between teams and project members, which being in the office helps to facilitate more easily.

    It's not quite as quick for PMs to totally flip the switch internally when it comes to estimating project lengths and design/development lifts in this new normal of remote work teams. Coordinating entire studios working on a single project is just a lot more of an art than a science and COVID age has been unpredictable when it comes to coming and going of new restrictions and general disruptions.
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  14. I would be disappointed if I even had a shred of excitement for this game, but I don't.

    *renews FFXIV subscription*
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  15. The real crime is Square focusing on XVI when it looks like trash anyway rather than just giving us the next part of the FFVII Remake.
  16. Woah that is a bit fast to call it trash after only one trailer over a year ago, lets just wait and see. I mean, it is the next installment, of course they will focus on that, not everything is about FF7R.
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  17. I thought it looks much more exciting than FF7R... (which is beautiful but...just not that much fun to play)
  18. I'm looking forward to XVI, but it wasn't really the trailer that sold me on it, but rather all the lore and stuff they posted on the official site a while back, it makes the game/world seem pretty interesting and a huge step up compared to the blandness of XV. Still, it would be nice to know more about the game, the main thing I'm curious about is if there's actually a party, or just the protagonist. Really hope it's the former, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it's the latter.
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  19. I really miss the days of Final Fantasy games having a nice selection of party members to pick from. Each of them having their own style and story really gave the games heart and added to replayability.
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