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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I hope they look at the battle system of FFVIIR and use that as a basis, I found it really fun to play and everyone had their own strengths.
  2. Hype died a while back, but for anyone still caring, Nier Reincarnation's new story chapter/volume started last week. It's two separate campaigns with new characters, and seems pretty cool.

    It's a bummer how much grinding is required to even access the main story, since a lot of it is pretty awesome (in the depressing Nier way). It's become one of my daily games so I'm far in, but so much of it seems very inaccessible to the standard Nier fan who doesn't want to grind dailies and login bonuses.
  3. Curious how everyone else's Endwalker experience is going! I'm a bit more than halfway through (later level 85 MSQ quests), and I think the story's picked up nicely from the fairly more lowkey start.

    It's actually kind of funny to me that the story has gotten so rich/good that the MMO setup has now begun to just stand at odds with it. I mean this in the way that some events going on are SO urgent and SO exciting that the freedom to do anything and run around to wherever you want detracts from the dramatic moments a bit (whereas most single-player games would railroad you to the next objective).

    It's an interesting conundrum, since the story being so great is what separated XIV from many other MMOs. I wonder where you take its future expansions from here.

    Also, very, very invested in seeing if they manage to stick the landing. So far, it seems like an incredible expansion, but I'm not sure it's succeeding as a 'capstone' to the games. We'll see though!
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  4. nn

    when they basically say "we're gonna keep the twins but we can't stop you from doing whatever"
  5. YES. Absolutely that as well as:

    the woman and the baby thrown in the lake
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  6. I finished endwalker in the first 72 hours of early access and am already on the second floor of savage with 6 jobs at 90 so I’m having a blast
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  7. Finished Endwalker last night! The resolution to the story was nice, and the drama of the end was fabulous and was very into it. The trials were all great, and I think they just had so many nice smaller moments in the story that it's hard to list them all.

    The Hydaelyn and aetheric sea bit was just supreme in every way. Being able to use Trusts (who fuck up mechanics!!!) in the trial was spectacular from a story perspective. They also nailed Hydaelyn's design so well. It really was like looking at an Amano painting in real life.

    That being said, The Big Stuff in the story was great, but the pacing of the expansion was just horrendous. Some gargantuan MSQ doldrums in what should've been really exciting moments, that all serve to take the player out of the story.

    It's almost comical how badly handled the Labyrinthos questline was around level 88. There's a huge cutscene about the world coming together to save the planet, with exciting music replacing the zone OST... as I show rabbits around and try to find 8 hidden researchers who are stressed out?

    I also liked the bunnies, but the whole MSQ portion of the moon after the Zodiark Trial was supremely boring after you finishing the culmination of 5 games' worth of lore.

    Meteion I'm going back and forth on. I liked the concept a lot (as well as the final boss design) but I don't know if the just-introduced character being the villain behind 5 games worked totally for me.

    In the end, it probably all goes back to my other comment and how the story has gotten so dramatic and big that the MMO trappings (fetch quests, super-structured leveling-quest relationships) can no longer really serve its breadth. I'd be intrigued if the next expansion scales back to a fun adventure in a new locale; I think it would work really well.
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  8. Neo The World Ends With You is cute. I'm actually in love with the character designs and art style.

    But the combat is a button mashing mess.
  9. I guess some fans irritated Nojima that he posted this:

    Apparently there is a guy who is obsessed with Jessie so he nags Nojima about her. I can only imagine what crap did he write that aggravated Nojima this much to post something about it haha!
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  10. [​IMG]

    Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event happening April 10. Wonder if we can expect some announcements. KH3 is already three years old, and I certainly wouldn't mind KH4 (or whatever the next game in the series ends up being called) happening in the near future
  11. I know FF XV gets a lot of hate here, but FF XV: Royal Edition is free on PS+ and I am thinking of giving it another go (didn't last half an hour last time).

    Is it worth it? Also I heard there are DLCs included - how would be the best way to play the game if were to incorporate the DLCs?
  12. I mean, if it's free, sure! Didn't feel like a waste of time, just isn't exactly the game it felt it should be. Felt like practice for FFVII R.
  13. I’m currently replaying it and I’m enjoying it more than I remember last time

    I personally use a good enough resource as to when to diverge from the main story to play a DLC chapter
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  14. I'd definitely recommend watching Kingsglaive before starting the game, it's basically the movie-length equivalent of your typical FF opening cinematic. About the DLC episodes, the graphic above seems about right. Still a shame the other three episodes were cancelled, the four we got are honestly some of the best parts of the game.
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  15. Chopping up 15’s story into several different medias outside of the game was…disastrous
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    @aaronhansome @anyone NEO: The World Ends With You is so so so so good. An amazing followup.
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  17. Thanks for this! I think I will watch Kingsglaive first as per @soratami, then will follow the base/DLCs as per this chart.
  18. Yeah, it would have been cool to have those cancelled DLCs because a lot of it looks closer to older FFs, especially the last boss fight, I mean, flying citadel, really? Haha! I don't agree with people who say it would have undermined the ending they made, its simply imagined as an alternative take and I would have loved to see it. At least we know what was planned, the book is a good read.
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  19. Some speculate it won't come out this year but I think it will, probably November:

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  20. Soo… the 25th Tomb Raider anniversary really just came and went didn’t it? Stupid me expecting effort.
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