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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey y'all, my mans birthday is coming up, and he's really into FFXIV. Does anyone have any good gift suggestions that relate to the game at all or even the series at large? His other favorite is FFX
  2. Yeah, I mostly still feel fed. I would, however, like to know how much it costs them to make a game like Bravely Default versus a mainline Final Fantasy game. I think the difference, for me, is that I would someday like to see what a modern Final Fantasy game that’s more “traditional” would look like with a ginormous budget.
  3. I'm paraphrasing but someone at Square Enix said something to the effect of "turn-based combat would look weird with ultra realistic graphics." Which doesn't add up to me. I mean, Yakuza: Like A Dragon did turn-based combat and while that game is certainly goofy, the visuals are quite realistic. And even if they were right about turn-based combat looking weird with realistic graphics, nothing is stopping them from stylizing them. It almost feels like they're taking Final Fantasy a tad too seriously. I find myself thinking, "It's a video game, guys."

    But yeah, I also want to see what a traditional FF with a huge budget would look like, especially since Dragon Quest XI looks expensive as hell and definitely didn't have an FF budget.
  4. They might be a bit lame, but just as like as small part of a bigger gift I think the job soul crystal magnets could be cute, especially as they're not super pricey. If you know what job he mains, it's a neat idea. Links cause they're split up into 3 pages for some reason: 1 2 3
  5. With the next FF mainline, I just want female playable characters!
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  6. I honestly don't mind if they never get back to the traditional route, I like the fact every new FF is different in its own way. Who knows, this might be the reason why I never was a huge fan of FF9 like everyone is. And I agree, I don't think they will look back because they want to be ahead, they want to appeal to a wide audience. With FF7R they showed they know how to make a great gameplay that is hybrid of turn/action based so I am sure they can continue to give us exciting gameplay in the future.

    However, I won't be surprised if they decide to do more remakes after FF7 ends.
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  7. I would get anyone who really likes Final Fantasy this game:

    On another note, I'm going to need Square Enix to ditch the stuff about empires and war when they make Final Fantasy XVII (who knows when that will be though). I feel we've gotten A LOT of that post-FFX. I like how they handle it and FFXII and FFXV certainly approaches the subject matter in different ways, but I'm ready for an FF game that swerves that stuff.
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  8. I’m in agreement on this. I’d like them to do a game that places a romantic relationship at the forefront like FFVIII and FFX after the disaster that was Noctis and Luna in FFXV.

    The way Sarah completely showed up the lack of any development between Noctis and Luna in a half hour Terra Wars collaboration quest.
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  9. I agree, I am kind of tired of empires and wars, I think FF16 will be about that so it would be a good thing to stop. I wouldn't mind modern setting again and yeah, romance in the center would be nice, as long as its good - to be fair, FF8 had room for improvement and I just think Yuna is better off without Tidus haha.
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  10. Aside from what has already been mentioned, there's a lot of cool merch on the Square Enix store (which @BEST FICTION linked), there's this recent line of Uniqlo Final Fantasy t-shirts and there's also the upcoming Crystalline Resonance concerts, which should be a really cool experience for any FF fan.
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  12. Very interesting to see they're overhauling the leveling system (again) from the PSP remake. I played it either last year or the year before and mostly enjoyed the class-wide levels rather than levels, but it does mess some stuff up when you get brand new classes late-game.

    I'm torn on this one. I really don't need to buy this again, but I do feel like if this doesn't do well, the series is more than dead.
  13. One of the characters from Star Ocean 6 basically looking the discount version of Ryza from Atelier Ryza is a scream. The devs saw how well that game did and said "let's have one of those too". Even the poses are similar ff
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  14. I just found out how successful Final Fantasy XV was. For a game a lot of fans critiqued so heavily, it sure sold gangbusters. Seems like they succeeded in bringing in a lot of first time players and those first time players liked what they were playing. It leads me to believe that the game is best enjoyed if you forget about how it compares to the other games in the series and just take it for the odd kettle of fish that it is.

    I'm still thinking about that ending though. It was so chill-inducing the way the developers used visual and aural excellence in combination to create something that felt profoundly powerful and beautiful. Don't get me wrong. It's not anywhere near the best Final Fantasy (the entire game feels very conflicted in a lot of ways) but I've just never been so impressed with the ending sequence of a game ever. I hate the idea of royalty yet the game was making me feel things about destiny and purpose and what not.

    One of the most gorgeous touches was how Noctis had to defeat both Ardyn's flesh and spirit. The moment where the Arminger came out of Noct's back and finished Ardyn off was so satisfying.

    And then that moment after the credit sequence where Luna and Noct took a posture of rest in the afterlife, which then turned into the fucking logo! Square Enix just understands beauty on a different level. They already had me emotional with Florence's superb cover of Stand By Me. And then they do that!

    One of the biggest surprises was the main party. I hated the idea of playing as a bunch of bros but these four men's relationship might have carried the game in an emotional sense. The love they had for each other was so palpable. In comparison, FFXIII's cast was so cold and I never really believed in their relationships with each other. The opposite was true for the bros in FFXV.

    And while I prefer FFXII as a game (its systems are amazing!) because it has more depth and polish, FFXV's story is so much stronger. I think this mainly comes down to the fact that you actually play as the figure of destiny. I never realized just how badly playing as Vann hurts the story until I fulfilled Noct's destiny.

    Long story short, I am very glad to have finally experienced Final Fantasy the roadtrip. Or Final Fantasy: Bro Edition.
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  15. I don’t understand why Square are so against giving us a proper, varied, party of characters nowadays. I feel like they try so hard to reinvent the wheel each time they make a new mainline game and.. is anyone actually asking for it?

    It seems like they’re so concerned about turning newcomers off that in recent releases they’re trying way too hard to veer away from the franchises JRPG roots. If I wanted a WRPG then I’d.. choose to play one from the endless list of games in that genre. I don’t come to Final Fantasy for that shit. The thing is you can still make an amazing JRPG without needing to lean in on old JRPG archetypes if the writing is good. That’s what I loved so much about FF7R. The way Aerith and Tifa’s characters were handled was perfect They did a great job at toeing the line between anime hijinks and realism while still having that ‘ragtag group against the world’ vibe down to a tee.

    I really hope Square realizes that it doesn’t have to be a complete manly sausage fest every single time when they develop the next mainline title.
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  16. I downloaded the Octopath Traveler mobile game for my iPad, and it's actually pretty impressively not as mobile-fied as the rest of SE's offerings? It's a straight up a single-player RPG with exploration, dungeons, and production values that match the original. The gacha is just for characters, of which you can have 8 in a party. Battles themselves are essentially just the original game's, with the addition of character swapping between rounds for healing. There's no PVP and the story is seemingly all doable with whatever characters you do get (without having to level cap/awaken/whatever mobile buzzword they use). Apparently optional bosses can get pretty hectic down the line from what I've read, though.

    Story itself is actually pretty quality so far. You can pick between three main plotlines, and tackle them in any order once you start. I'm a chapter deep and it's pretty dark and surprisingly well done.

    A caveat: I'm also not as viciously opposed to any and all gacha elements (The Romancing SaGa one is pretty chill/fun, and Granblue + Nier Reincarnation have some nice elements). But this one does feel a bit more in line with console/PC games than the rest.
  17. I've read it's good but I bounced off Octopath again after getting pretty into it. I wonder if this is maybe a more engaging entry point for me.
  18. I find the mobile nature sort of works more in Octopath's favor, honestly. The original game's bite-sized chapters/stories I think felt like a miss for a console game for many, but feels pretty at home on a tablet. I pick up, play some daily quests for <5 mins, then can do the next chapter in the story in under 20-30 mins.

    I don't know how invested I'll end up being in this game longer term, but I'm liking the loop so far.

    Also worth noting the JP system feels much more built out this time. It's a bit illusion of choice-y, but you get a point for every level that you invest in a fairly linear grid that unlocks stat upgrades, passives, and battle skills. The original only had you learning skills every once in a while, so it's fairly gratifying.
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  19. Get your wallets ready!
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