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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jonathan27, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Gaming's worst-kept secret! I live.

    Wild hearing voice acting for this game. I played the PSP remake either last year or the year before, so not sure if I'll be double dipping for a while. BUT, here's to hoping they remake Ogre Battle 64 before I get around to playing my Wii U virtual console copy.
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  2. The tweets and quote tweets about the new Forspoken clip is really making me laugh this week.
  3. While I undoubtedly agree this is SO cringe, the visuals and the gameplay do look good so I am still interested in the game. Who knows, maybe this voice-over was done exclusively for the cringe trailer but if it isn't, maybe its a cut dialogue for the purpose of the trailer.
  4. The concept itself is fine... but why is everything all drab brown?
  5. The Joss Whedon esque dialogue is just incongruous with the visuals even if it is part of the story.
  6. BTG


    Yeaaaaaah… Always happy to see a company spend coin on a new AAA IP, especially one with a black, female lead but the bubble really has burst on this kind of self-referential, ironic humour. That trailer was such a misstep and the promotion on the whole has been pretty poor.
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  7. This new Square Enix Collective game looks pretty interesting


    The main character took over the SE Twitter account the other day dd

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  8. From the looks of it, they won't be successful at doing so! Bye! x
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  9. I have full faith in Yoshi-P.
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  10. Its a bit early to judge anything considering we haven't seen much. Besides, Yoshi-P basically saved FF14 and is one of the most successful MMOs at the moment so I have faith in his vision.
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  11. While FFXVI isn't the direction I want the series to go in, the combat does look really good.
  12. I haven’t seen it posted here, but he recently was quoted talking about how he thinks the franchise is “struggling” right now, and would be better served not trying to please everyone with one title.
  13. So ladies, FFXIV as someone who has only dabbled in MMO’s about 2 years ago? Bad idea? Should I find something else to play dd
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  14. No. Play it.
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  15. one of us, one of us.
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  17. New hairstyles for Viera in FFXIV. It's over for these clowns cause I'm EATING!

  18. Has anybody played the DioField Chronicle demo yet? I've been meaning to but haven't had any time recently between work, Street Fighter 5, and Xenoblade 3.

    Very curious how it's shaping up.
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  19. I'd genuinely love to know why SE is releasing all these games one after the other like this - The DioField Chronicle, Star Ocean 6, Harvestella, Dragon Quest Treasures, Valkyrie Elysium and the Tactics Ogre remake all within less than four months, and in the busiest time of the year too? It'd be one thing if they were games of various genres, but they're all JRPG/JRPG-adjacent. I just feel like they're going to end up canibalising each other and some are bound to get a bit lost in the Q4 shuffle, which is a shame because all six look quite promising. Delaying at least a couple to early 2023 would surely make more sense. Triangle Strategy for example definitely benefited from being released in March.
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