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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Had a bit of a poke around and I couldn't find anything similar. Basically this thread is for us techies, software noobs / pros and Apple connoisseurs such as myself and Nillness.

    I thought the latest Samsung phone was a bit of a hilarious iPhone 6 rehash. Also - would any of yo recommend Final Cut Pro worth investing in? iMovie seems a bit amateurish.
  2. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I've had my laptop for 4.5 years. Let me vacate.
  3. Yeah, you're not welcome.
  4. I've already sworn my next laptop will be a Macbook Pro. I spend most of my day on that thing so I don't mind splurging a bit.
  5. Macbook Pro >>>>>> any Windows laptop I've ever used.

    Next stop, an iPhone. Or at least it would be if I stopped spending my money on useless shit I don't need.
  6. The new Galaxy is, as usual, fuck ugly. Why are they incapable of making a nice looking product?
  7. Phones are getting so boring now. My partner had an iPhone and he got rid of it, he hasn't had a mobile phone now for coming up to a year and his life hasn't changed at all. The only reason i keep mine is for listening to music on the Soundcloud app.
  8. Nah I legit couldn't live without my phone.

    I mean, I probably could. But I wouldn't want to.
  9. 'General Sam Drops His Phone In The Toilet And Needs A Replacement Discussion'
  10. I leave my phone at home as often as possible.
    That being said, I can't go to the letter box without my iPod.
  11. Has anyone installed a Solid State Hard Drive before? Is it hard to do?
  12. That was one time!
  13. I just use an external USB 500gb flash drive. Solid states are VERY fragile, I'd be nervous.

    Anyway, I've been struggling with this for a few months now and I think I'm ready to do something about it;

    My MacBook Air was my best friend for the greater half of two years. Now it overheats all the time and shuts off and if I do any more than browse the internet / word processing its useless. I could take it in to get fixed, but I don't want to spend a fuckton of money on it. I'm thinking about just getting a refurbished 21.5in iMac or saving a lot of money and getting the ChromeBase. I'm moving to a bigger place come may so I think I want a desktop instead of a laptop. I have an iPad to cover all my lappy needs.
  14. You get a three year warranty with MacBooks, right? I did with mine anyway. Sounds like deterioration of the device rather than a user fault. Check your coverage on the Apple website here and then take it in.
  15. Nope, I got the one year. I was very broke when I got the Air and made a very irresponsible decision when buying it. It's a refurb. Maybe I'll just suck it up and take it in this Sunday.... If they do a free estimate then I have nothing to lose.
  16. Ahhh that sucks. Yeah a consultation won't cost you anything. Good luck hun.
  17. Installing one is incredibly easy, not much different from installing a plain HDD.
  18. Yeah Apple only do one year warranties unless you pay for extra.

    I agree with the statement that phones have got so boring now. They've all hit their peak, they all do everything we'd ever want them to that the differences between Apple/Samsung these days is negligible.

    I switched from iPhone to a Samsung a month ago and to be honest, there's really not any difference. Purely cosmetic.
  19. I am pretty upset about the lack of SD card support on the S6. Expandable storage as always been such a boon for the Galaxy series in my opinion. Being able to stick my full library on my S3 made moving away from my failing iPod Classic that much easier; I'm due an upgrade soon and guess I'll settle for the S5 if I can get a good deal.
  20. That seems like a bit of a regression.
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