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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. kal


    Don't bother. It only helped for a couple days. They need to sort it out in an upcoming version.
  2. Glad I haven't updated yet listening to all your woes with ios11
  3. He


    Don't, unless you have an iphone 8. I'd guess most of the issues happen in older models.

    My notification drawer keep becoming invisible.
  4. My phone is fine but my Apple Watch lasts about three hours without charge since updating. Which pretty much makes it useless. It used to last all day every day.
  5. My partner hasn’t moaned about this (yet) … She has an iPhone 6 and a series 2 Apple Watch and she wears the watch for 16 hours a day (in fairness I don’t think she uses it for anything significant most days but she used it to track a half marathon since the update) … I know she updated her phone to ios11, not sure if there was a watch update ...

    I’m leaving my iPhone 6 on ios10 for as long as I dare ... It took a few updates on ios11 for them to get my iPad back to normal so don’t fancy any more issues ...

    Edit: She says she had to update after ios11 and her watch is much better battery wise (she managed 2 days between charges one time) …
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  6. Just replaced a broken DVD player (LG) with a new no-frills model (Panasonic). All good (aside from the ridiculously short power cable), but here's the thing; when I use the remote it also triggers the Panasonic HDD/DVD player I have underneath it! Every press of the button causes both machines to respond. Never had this in all my life.

    A quick workaround has been to put a piece of card in front of the HDD/DVD player (to block the remote signal interfering), but that's not going to be ideal longterm. Does anyone know what I might be able to do?
  7. Was one of the lucky ones to get an iPhone X for release day, can’t wait to pick it up later. iOS 11 has really made parts of my 7Plus pretty laggy so curious to see how fast the new one goes and how long it will take to install my music library onto it..
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  8. kal


    Congrats! Which colour did you get and what are your thoughts so far?
  9. I got the silver, primarily because I thought that was going to be the less popular color. I put it in a case, so the color is a pretty insignificant factor for me.

    I'm still migrating into it - my most recent backup before I surrendered my 7Plus was corrupt, so I have to download IOS 11 and so that's a bit annoying. I don't know why or how the backup got corrupted since I did it literally 10-15 minutes before going to the Sprint store.

    Other than that, it's pretty cool. Will know more once I get a solid day of use out of it. It's been attached to my computer since I returned home!
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  10. The X is a mess. Played with it in store. No thanks.

    Also, seeing people walk into store and leave two minutes later with an iPhone X is a stunning contrast to the days when you'd have to queue for half an hour at 7am to get an iPhone 4 a couple of months after release.
  11. This might be what you’re looking for:
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  12. Thanks! Apparently, according to that link "Problem is all the Panasonic gear uses the same signal" dumb is that?! The new DVD player doesn't have a manual, just a set-up flyer, so I'll sort it via the HDD/DVD machine.
  13. When setting up a new Sony TV, the old one in the background came on ... It’s just one of those things where the chances of folks having multiple devices using the same function signal in the same room will be way lower than those wanting to be able to use the remote across their range of products ... The fact that Panasonic have a built in fix means at least they have thought it through and you should have a proper fix (saying that, I have black tape on all our Virgin equipment to dull down the lights so sometimes an old school fix is all you need) …
  14. Yeah, I have a Samsung TV and a Blu-Ray player in the other room, and they've never interfered. I can use the latter's remote to turn the TV off etc if I wish to, but the functions remain separate (the BR remote has two power buttons, tellingly).

    So, the Panasonic HDD manual has a good troubleshooting guide with that same walk-through to reset the remote signal. Now they don't interfere with each other, and hopefully "DVD 2" coming up on the HDD display screen when the DVD remote is used doesn't interrupt anything I might be doing with it at the time (ie recording the TV or burning a disc) and is just showing information.
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  15. LP


    Can anyone recommend a good but not too pricey phone gimbal stabilizer for making cool vids? This product keeps coming up on my insta and fb feed but's outta stock til Jan and 2. it's a little too pricey.

    any help would be much appreciated!
  16. It took my 2009 iMac almost 5 hours to upgrade to High Sierra - I think that’s probably the last ever upgrade I will be able to do on this machine. I kept getting an error and had to reboot about 4 times before it kicked into gear. Thank god I had just backed up.
  17. RJF


    I've been putting off the Sierra upgrade on my 2011 MacBook for the very reason that I don't think it'll handle it.
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  18. I'm still on El Capitan here, 2011 Macbook. There ain't no way in hell I'm risking the stress of a failed update.
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  19. RJF


    Yas El Capitan sis.
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