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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam de Jour, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my iPhone 4 or 5 (I think?), being unable to communicate with my iTunes on Lion, I’d probably still be using that.
  2. Scream. I have an iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6 Plus both on iOS 11 (in the beta program), as well as an iMac (mid 2011) and MacBook Pro (mid 2010) on High Sierra. Everything has been fine on each machine, but I'm sure this is the end of the road as far as update on the MacBook.
  3. I’ve never had an issue updating the software, but yesterday was something else! It kept saying the download was corrupt or that something was missing and it needed to restart-it probably had me restart the installation progress 3 or 4 times before it clicked. Then when I finally passed that, the installation progress bar kept locking up - and it wouldn’t tell me how long it had left, it was just the logo and the progress bar.

    So I perused the Apple forums and someone with a similar iMac had the same problem and suggested manually rebooting the computer. So I did that, and it started over - still with no data on how much time was remaining. Then it almost made it to the end and made this horrendous beeping sound and rebooted again on its own. This time it showed the progress bar and Apple logo, but the progress bar was like 3 times the size and looked like the computer was booting up in safe mode, all pixelated. So then it made it to the end and rebooted again, this time with how much time was remaining-44 minutes. 44 minutes took closer to 70 minutes (in total a whole evening wasted).

    I really thought it was the end. I was doing healing dances in my office trying to will the girl to live. But it’s been doing decent since then, so hoping I can get at the very least another year or two out of it.

    I thought waiting a couple months after the update was released would prevent any bugs from sneaking in - but I guess I was wrong. I’ve been burned by the Apple tree many times, so I don’t know why this is surprising to me, but it just is..
  4. This is frightening oh hell no.
  5. I’m in love with my iPhone X.
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  6. Hello, more technologically adept friends.

    I'd like a printer that I can print to straight from my iPhone. I'm kinda looking for something bargain-basement cheap. I don't care if it's average quality, I just don't want an intermediary (i.e. a laptop) between my phone and the printer.

  7. kal


    I posted one a few minutes ago but it was incompatible with AirPrint.

    This is the cheapest one I can find.
  8. Thank you for helping!

    Is this good x
  9. kal


    It's listed as compatible on Apple's website so it's good.
  10. As good a place as any to add this, but only yesterday did I learn you can add images to playlists in iTunes and not put up with the mosaic of the album/single covers a playlist is compiled of!

    Only been using it for 13 years...
  11. He


    Do we think Apple will ever kill the mess that is iTunes for Mac? A dedicated dekstop app for music would be such a blessing.
  12. What’s your issue with it? Mine works absolutely fine.
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  13. You can?!! Please elaborate!
  14. I'm torn on this because I love having iTunes as a complete media library where everything is stored, but it just doesn't make much sense in their modern ecosystem. It needs to be broken into Music, Television, and Podcasts apps, with iOS apps handled in the mac App Store and maybe a new iSync app for people who still sync their devices to a computer.

    I feel like the biggest roadblock there might be Apple's hesitation to ditch the iTunes brand as it's still so well-known. But, I don't know, they didn't have much of an issue killing iPod.

    Also, I'll cry the day it comes because I don't trust them to do it right. I'm an awkward user, and obsessively controlling about all my media which I store locally. I know most people aren't power users like me, so I don't expect Apple to take my needs into account too much, but every iteration of the Podcasts app on iOS has just made everything much worse for me, and I've stayed well away from Apple Music because I don't trust it to integrate properly with my carefully organised local library. I'm sure I'd be screwed if they built a new Music app form scratch.

    I don't know what my point is.
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  15. He


    It's such a bloated non intuitive app. I feel it would be better if it's split into different services.
  16. Yup! In iTunes on a computer, go to the playlist, left click on the mosaic image and then choose/browse for the image you'd like.

    On an iPhone, go to playlist, tap 'edit' and then a camera icon appears over the 'playlist mosaic' - tap on that and it asks you to choose images!

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  17. I think my version of iTunes must be too ancient for this.
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  18. I'm quite excited for tonight's WWDC, although I'm not expecting huge changes. Looks like there's an Apple News app coming to Mac, though, which I'm thrilled about. Now I just need them to do the same with Health, thanks.

    The invite artwork is confusing. It's literally desaturated Aqua, but they left that behind years ago and I don't see a big redesign on the horizon...


    Any other losers watching live tonight?
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  19. I will be! I think a redesign was due this year but they're focusing on stability more instead, so the overhaul will come with iOS 13.
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  20. Me! I’m watching it tonight, was gonna create an Apple discussion thread ddd

    I agree with there not being many major new features with iOS 12 since the rumours did say that it would be focus in under the hood improvements and bug fixing which after some of the big security flaws on 11 is greatly needed.

    I’m not expecting hardware either but if there is some I hope the AirPower is given a release date
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