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General TV Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Scruffy, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I read the spoilers too! And I'm still stuck back on Living TV's run. Wow, is all i can say, it will be emotional.
  2. I think even if you know the spoilers it'll still be quite an episode - I thought it was all really well done, one of the best in a long time I thought.
  3. With regards to the Season 5 finale of Grey's Anatomy... if you've spoiled yourself for the episode's plot twist you're just not going to enjoy it as much. Simple as. The biggest impact of the episode was the whole thing seemingly coming out of nowhere yet making perfect sense at the same time - the sort of moment that gets you sitting up. If you know it is coming, the impact is lessened.

    It took me years to appreciate the fact spoilers are called spoilers for a reason.

  4. I think it depends on the person, to be honest. I have a weird mentality where I feel much more comfortable watching something knowing what's going to happen. I prefer to see it unfold, with the knowledge of what it's leading to, and wondering HOW it'll end up at that point. It might seem strange, but I actually can get quite a stressed-out feeling if I don't now the twist to something, and it makes me enjoy it less. Maybe I'm odd, but anyway. Just thought I'd share my viewpoint.

    Morena Baccarin looks AMAZING, hopefully this will garner her some of the recognition she deserves. In Firefly I thought she was really something special, possessing this calm authority that you usually find in older actresses while at the same time being all young and pretty and girly, it seems they've put this to great use and then some here.
  6. I remember practically being forced to watch the original series ages ago, as I don't watch much sci-fi tv usually, and actually really enjoying it. It definitely has potential to be very good so long as long as they don't stray too far from the original idea, I think. It's being made by the 4400 people, which I never watched, but I'll give this a look, it's got a great premise.
  7. Coach Trip is back today!
  8. And 5-a-week 'Come Dine With Me'! Sky+'d them both so am going to tuck into them now!
  9. COACH TRIP!!! *squeals*
  10. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on here before but Breaking Bad really is the best TV show I've seen in ages.

    It's about a fifty year-old middle school chemistry teacher who, when diagnosed with cancer, teams up with a junkie ex-student and starts cooking meth so he can provide for his family after his death.
    The second season finale is on Sunday. It's been fascinating watching the main character get more and more evil as the show has progressed. It's quite slow paced but it's had me on the edge of my seat like no other programme.

    It's sort of in the vein of The Wire and The Sopranos but more concentrated around the main two characters. I seriously can't recommend it enough, the best show on TV at the moment by a mile.
  11. That sounds interesting, Mish. I've never even heard of it! What channel's it on?
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    The last episode of Primeval has really messed me up!

    Some of the episodes have been a bit hit and miss this year but this was a great finale.
    Be warned though, it's a proper cliffhanger - not the usual "something awful has happened, how the heck will we cope" type thing, this is one where they leave characters in various dangerous situations and we're going to have to wait the best part of a year to see how it pans out.

    They hinted that Claudia and Stephen might be in it though, and they weren't.

    It's being broadcast tonight, so if you're a fan of dinosaurs, mad wives and Hannah Spearitt, you should check it out.
  13. The ending was such a messed up cliffhanger. I wasn't really expecting any of that stuff to happen and I now have no idea how the hell season 4 will start.

    I wish Claudia had returned in it though *sigh*.
  14. It's on FX in the UK and AMC in the States. Something to keep in mind: because of the writers' strike, the first season really ends with episode two of the second season.
  15. Breaking Bad is the one with Hal from Malcolm In The Middle in it, right?
    I wanted to watch that but never found out what channel it was on/was too lazy to check online.
  16. Indeed, but he's totally bad ass in it.
  17. The Wire - still awesome.

    Oh, and Freefall, which features The Wire's Tommy Carcetti and our very own Sarah Harding, is on BBC2 on July 14th.
  18. 'Best Job In The World' (BBC One), worst show in the world? It's literally an hour of watching people on the phone.

    What a fucking joke for primetime BBC One.
  19. Agreed. I thought it was going to be a bit interesting at least but it's shit.

    Is anyone else still pissed Primeval has been axed?
  20. I know I'm about 3 (maybe even 4 weeks) late to reply to this comment but the cliffhanger was not a proper one at all. The way they were going to resolve the cliffhanger in what would have been the first episode of Series 4 was foreshadowed so unsubtly it felt like a spoiler, really.

    They made a big point of the fact Helen dropped her device which opens/closes anomalies in the time period where Abby/Connor were. I thought it was quite obvious that they'd have simply had them find it, open up the anomaly to the place where Danny was, then work their way back to their own time...

    I was really disappointed by this series of Primeval, so I'm not too bothered or surprised it got the chop. I never expect all of the mysteries of a show to be explained or tied up nicely, but I felt a bit cheated they never did explain many of the things they promised they'd do in Series 3 (explaining the origins of the anomalies and why they appear, for starters). If the proposed US film (or was it a TV series?) goes ahead, I'd definitely give it a go though.
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