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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The rumours that stated the Pro and Lite models had changed to say a lite model would come out for December and a pro model wouldn’t be seen till next year? Who knows.
  2. I’ve heard some that the lite model would be launched as soon as June so who knows. It could be announced next month! I’m fine with mine regardless and probably won’t upgrade unless a proper Pro one comes out or the next beefed up iteration.

    Also I am SCREAMING at Persona 5 Scramble. Smash being the Ultimate tease.
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  3. BTG


    I’ve only managed to get in an hour of play of MK11 but it’s gorgeous. It’s absolutely beautiful. Of the characters I’ve tried (all the females obviously) Jade is by far the most instant. The variation system is almost too overwhelming to get to grips with without spending a good chunk of time having a play around.

    Any niggles are mainly cosmetic so far. The decision to make those awful revenant skins the default ones was a mistake.
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  4. Not me finally convincing @BEST FICTION to play versus with me only to find out that all of the hours I spent unlocking kustomization options for Kitana were for naught because each PS4 profile has it's own set of unlocks. They actually expect you to unlock everything you wanted to unlock on TWO accounts if you wanted to be able to play local offline versus modes and have kustomized characters for each player. I never planned on playing Kitana so my blood is boiling at all the time wasted when I was supposed to be unlocking things in the good sis' account.

    MK11 is a disaster of a game at this point and it's really getting to me because I feel like the things I'm mad about aren't going to get fixed, whereas DOA6's awful launch is still slowly getting better with updates.
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  5. Out of all the possible Persona spinoffs we could get, a Warriors/Heroes game is one that's never really crossed my mind, but it should be fun.

    Persona 5 will be 3 years old by the time Royal comes out though, surely it being released as a separate game instead of a DLC is the most logical thing to do? Given the amount of content it seems to have, even if it were released as DLC, the DLC itself would probably cost as much or nearly as much as a full game anyway.
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  6. Excellent suggestion.
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  7. Well, they are already fixing the unfair towers and facilitating the krypt rewards unlocks.

    The thing with 2 accounts has been bothering me ever since we got XBox 360 back in the day, but that's how the current systems run. It's really sad though, that local co-op isn't that popular these days, so much so, that the developers don't even thing about something like this.
  8. For real. Atlus (and mainly the Persona series) has to step up their game when it comes to LGBT representation. It's not like they are not present, it's that they are offensive, which makes it even worse. And, let's be real, the couple adds nothing but stereotype on an already LGBTphobic community.

    I also would love to see a romance route with Yusuke, but a girl can dream.
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  9. My first pull on a Common Core Crystal today got me Dahlia. I’ve got a fair few left to get though, including Kosmussy.
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  10. anyways am I gonna start this game in New Game+

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  11. RJF



    But what were ur thots on the ending
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  13. I hope Team Sonic Racing actually ends up being decent, I’m thinking of picking it up to tide me over until Crash Team Racing comes out.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 just sorta came and went didn’t it?
  14. Try 200 hours....


    Also she sIays when you unlock her full potential but Ursula is by FAR the most tedious blade to complete.
  15. The best blade for me is T-elos. She outclasses damage from KOS-MOS in my build and is easy to set up.

    If you are going to go into New Game + make sure if you have started Ursuals horrible quest you finish it first. It bloody resets your completion and if you’re near the end you will have to start all over again.
  16. The last Sonic racing game was fantastic and Team Sonic Racing was done by the same team and had a pretty lengthy development period, so I'm sure it's going to be great. I'm really looking forward to it.
  17. World War Z is a lot of fun, and pretty much the Left 4 Dead 3 we never got.
  18. Ok but will it have the space channel 5 queens Ulala and Pudding? They were the best part of SASASRT tbh.
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  19. Can you guys recommend me a good action RPG other than the Bioware and Fallout games? I have heard about Witcher of course and i have the first and second game in my steam account but somehow i was never interested in playing that character. Does he become more interesting to play as in the third game? If so, can i straight up start playing that one without commiting to the first two?
  20. Have you tried Bloodborne?
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