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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The Towers Of Time are more managable since the patch was downloaded. I've played this quite a lot (ahem) and I'm finding the best all-rounder is none other than Sonya Blade. I've won the most with her, gained more Koins and skins as her, and managed to clear a lot of Krypt thanks to her ability to beat the shit out of everyone in The Towers Of Time. I think a lot of the costumes for women are pretty poor though. Sonya has an aerobics outfit. Shao Kahn is also useful because of his power.

    I've read a lot of the alleged dialogue between the DLC Kharacters and the current roster. Some of it sounds amazing.

    Sindel basically berates him and he loves it. Also, twist: Quan Chi murdered her under Shinnok's orders as a way of making Shao break the rules of Mortal Kombat (so the Elder Gods would kill him and bring about Shinnok's plan). Also, Sindel helped murder King Jerrod so she could be with Shao. If true, the storyline has really been altered.
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  2. BTG


    Isn’t this the brainwashed, evil (and probably ugly revanant) Sindel? Her memories probably aren’t the real ones.
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  3. No, apparently Kitana is furious with her for her part in Jerrod's death. The DLC leak might not be genuine though.
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  4. I hate the revenants storyline and all the ugly ass skins that go with it. I've been mostly playing Jade so I've got a ton of skins for her though they're all kinda samey.

    Also, how hot is Kano in this game? Whew. And the young shirtless Jax in those pants? WHEW.
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  5. I still did not buy MK11 but from what i have been seeing on youtube the sound effects of Jade's staff are so satisfying. Mmhyaass queen, the combo where she rushes and spins with her staff is audial orgasm.
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  6. I need a new game and want a fighting one and tempted to get MK11 but Injustice 2 is also tempting me since watching Suicide Squad, has anyone played both and can recommend?
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  7. Finally started messing around with my hacked 3DS a bit more.

    The custom themes are a definite slay and I've figured out how to put GB and GBA games onto it, so I'm currently playing the English translation of Mother 3.
  8. I picked up the legendary edition of Injustice 2 for cheap a few weeks ago and I quite like it. The visuals are really impressive, and the story, characters and gear system are all great. Just not really a fan of some technical aspects of the fighting system itself (but I think that's pretty similar to Mortal Kombat's, so people who like one will probably like the other too) but it's a lot of fun to play casually.
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  9. Didn't really play Injustice 2 much when it was released so I can't vouch for that but I do believe MK11 is essentially the same game. From what I do remember, I didn't like how Poison Ivy played and she was the only character I wanted to play ddd.

    In regards to MK11: With the Krypt, Towers and Story there's plenty of single player content to go through in MK11 (and you'd want to do most of it to unlock all of the gated items). Also since Injustice 2 and MK11 are both similar playing Netherrealm studios games, I can confidently say that if you're looking for online matches a large portion of the Injustice 2 playerbase will now be playing MK11 instead as it's newer.

    Injustice 2 also has a large scale story mode, though I'm not sure about what other features it houses. One benefit to getting Injustice 2 would be that all of the character DLC packs are out now whereas MK11 is brand new so there'll be a year or two of character DLC to keep up with.
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  10. Devil May Cry is coming to the Switch. Dante in Smash confirmed? PS can we get some female characters please.
  11. Brilliant thanks. I've never played MK before so is there character stuff and stories that I wouldn't understand or would I be able to catch up on it easily? I have always been a Street Fighter fan but Street Fighter 5 was a load of shit.
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  12. And here I am replaying Sacred Gold, Divine Divinity, Lionheart and Blade & Sword for the n-th time. Diablo clones for the win.
  13. All of the characters in the game do a decent job of explaining what happened to them, what is happening to them and what they plan to do about it. But when they start mentioning the cast of characters from previous games who haven't returned it might get a bit confusing. The previous story got rebooted in MK9 so this new storyline shouldn't be too hard to follow because there's much less to worry about in terms of the huge roster. It might not make sense to begin with but once people start saying "remember when my great grand uncle died in this war" and just basically explaining the old games, it'll come together. You could also watch the MK9 and MKX stories if you're interested because they'll be pretty comprehensive catch-up tools and they're not as bad as some other fighting game stories (though they aren't stellar either).

    Some in game items and customizable gear, as well as some pre-fight dialogue do reference the non-returning characters but they don't really have any impact on the story outside of being a nod to the old games.

    Not me still hoping for Jeanne from Bayonetta to get a DLC slot when they're obviously going to go for new franchises instead of a sidekick of an existing guest character.

  14. Red Dead Redemption 2 is beautiful but my god it's boring.
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  15. So glad I passed, I was afraid it'd be the same for me. The 'wild west' motif and the characters associated with it all just never interested me much with the previous games.
  16. I literally played it for a month thinking the same and wanted to just give up on it completely, but considering it cost me fifty quid I persisted and then it suddenly sucked me in.

    Helping the cross dressing artist get on board a boat to escape America was pretty amazing.
  17. Kii that...
    ...I already watched that scene on YouTube while trying to find out if you can go all out Brokeback in the game.
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  18. I am currently so obsessed with Baba Is You, what a fantastic puzzle game but my brain is fried.
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  19. So I’ve been playing a bit of MK11 and Jade is my homegirl. However, I’m finding that the longer I play, the less diligent I get and I button mash like whoa. Some of the combo strings are a bit too intricate for my brain to do. Quite difficult even during the tutorial sections. I do like how much they’ve incorporated her bo into the game and it is stunning.
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  20. Some details about Persona 5 Royal from a Famitsu interview

    Me reading that list and then getting to that last bullet point

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