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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Not this queer-baiting after their depiction of LGBT character in the original.
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  2. He


    This is so ridiculously adorable.

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  3. He's in peak shape to dance for so long.
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  4. Sony’s State of Play tonight will include:
    Updates to Sony games (rumoured to be The Last of Us)
    A new title
    Re-reveal of a third party game that was announced long ago (people are thinking FF7)
  5. I know everyone will be wanting FF7 but can we get news on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles' remaster? They announced it and then radio silence. Or even that Square Enix x Marvel Avengers' game.
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  6. I’m guessing the Avengers game might be announced at Square’s E3 stream
  7. There's definitely going to be something FF related, even SE was teasing it yesterday with a picture of the Chocobo ranch from FF7. It could just be a new remastered game or something though. I'm here for a new/remastered Chocobo Racing.
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  8. Not gonna lie though, the #1 thing I'd like it to be is FF8. I know it's not realistic at all but let me dream ddd
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  9. ddd everyone linked to NormalBoots turns out to be trash.
  10. Was hoping PBG would keep his mouth shut but he decided to defend his friends so lets burn the whole group down a bitsy.
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  11. ddd he was my fave from that group and I’ve been watching his videos since the beginning, I’m so disappointed.

    But he only uploads new videos on his main channel once every blue moon and could never keep promises with video series for holidays so whatever.
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  12. Can you elaborate for those who don't follow their social media?
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  13. A lot of what's going on is in this tweet thread but not in order of when it happened.

    A youtuber named ProJared released a statement about getting a divorce, and then his ex-wife commented on how he was cheating on her with another youtuber called Commander Holly. Then even more information started to come out that he has been sending his own, and collecting others' nude photos even if they are underaged. Basically straight white cisgender male gamer youtubers continuing to be the absolute cesspool of society as per usual.
  14. Thanks! Oh wow, I feel for his wife, I can't at the part where he tried to make her sign an NDA.
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  15. These kinds of things just make me glad that, while I love videogames, I really have no interest in any of these people or the "community" in general.

  16. Starts in 15 minutes if anyone's interested.
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  17. Nintendo Direct for E3 confirmed for June 11. If we don’t see Animal Crossing, I’m going to lose my manners and my mind.
  18. I’ve been told not to get excited about the rumours FF7 trailer hype cancelled
  19. "And now... an update on the remake-"
    "-of Medievil"

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