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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I'm quite looking forward to this one and hope it turns out to be good. I really like the concept of playing as an animal and exploring/trying to survive in the wild. It looks very pretty too.
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  2. Howling at the Attenborough impression.
  3. Currently replaying Resident Evil 4 during my overall Resident Evil series replay and I'm having my typical "wow, groundbreaking, a masterclass in game design" one minute, "wow this is kinda bad" the next experience.

    I can acknowledge that 4 is highly influential in many ways and I do appreciate more action heavy Resident Evil (though I'd rather play 5 or 6) but the game is so incredibly front loaded. The village is absolutely incredible from start to finish, the castle starts well with fantastic aesthetics but drags on too long, and it's just really downhill from there with the island. It's kinda a pattern with the series for the games to progressively dip in quality as they progress but most Resident Evil games don't go on as long as 4 does.
  4. Sistren, on this day next month we will have our long-awaited Animal Crossing Switch reveal. (And if we don't I will riot.)

  5. I still don't understand why there's no new Crash Bandicoot platformer.
  6. Foreal, he deserves it
  7. It’s one of my top favourite games, the only thing that really bothers me is the QTEs and how it brought them into the series and prompted it to be used in every game around that time. Some of the QTE in 5 and 6 are just stupid and nauseating. I really dislike 6, it’s the epitome of ‘extra’, it was just everything and the kitchen sink thrown in together. I did enjoy 5 a lot though, even with it’s silly moments.
  8. Well, new Crash Bandicoot platformers kept being released through the 00s by various developpers and as far as I know none of them were particularly good, so it's not strange there isn't that much demand for a new one. It'd be cool if the people who remade the original trilogy worked on a brand new game though, that could potentially be great (same with Spyro).
  9. RE6 launched in a really bad state but has kinda improved after Capcom patched some stuff and I gave it a bit more time.

    A lot of my appreciation for 6 stems from the gameplay systems at their core and not as much what the game does with them. You'd never know there was so much going on beneath the messy campaign design. The gunplay, countering, and the like all feels like a natural extension of 4/5 when you have room to use it. Normally that only happens in the Mercs side mode but when it's good it's so good. If you haven't tried it yet I recommend giving some time to that, especially the No Hope version with heavier enemy spawns.

    6 also gave us the iconic homoerotic campaign with Chris and Piers so I'll let it live.
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  10. I decided to get Injustice 2 instead of MK11 and I am loving it! Story Mode is amazing and the ultraverse is apparently the same as the towers thing in MK anyway so there's so much to do (although customising Catwoman is the main thing to do obvs). The game feels very based around Harley Quinn for some reason though which is slightly annoying.
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  11. I got through Chapter 7 in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and

    "I love you, Rex"
    "Nia! I love you too!

    ...And I love all you guys!"

  12. I caved yesterday and bought a year subscription to PSN. So if any PJ hunnies want to play MK11 my Username is xtopher_morrison
  13. It is quite fun, I've been playing it recently myself. Harley Queen does get a bit more screentime than most other secondary characters in but she's not really the focus. I really liked the story, it's very cinematic and the production values are amazing. By the way this is not really obvious but the equivalent to the arcade mode with the individual character endings is the Battle Simulator inside the Multiverse. I'm just saying that because it's not exactly obvious, it took me a while to figure it out.
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  14. Don’t forget to grab all of those free monthly ps+ games and put them in your library sis
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  15. Ohhh ok thanks for that, I was a bit disappointed that the one I was on ended after one match every time but clearly been on the wrong thing!
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  16. I think if I went into it with a fresh pair of eyes I could enjoy it for what it is.

    Another problem I found was due to its extra-ness it really goes on way too long. They could have easily dropped a campaign. By the time I was going through Sherry’s I was struggling to care.
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  17. Yeah the game was horrendously long, and then they dropped Ada’s campaign and it was like I really don’t care anymore.
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  18. I only played Assassin's Creed Odyssey for the main game. Is it worth adding it back to my Xbox One for the DLC content? Like does it provide enough hours of gameplay to be worth it and is it enjoyable?

    For Super Mario Maker 2.

  20. I have such a long wishlist for Animal Crossing that I'm actually reluctant to find out more about the new game in case I got my hopes up too high. There's so much I want from it. Farming please.
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