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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.


    For Super Mario Maker 2.

  2. I have such a long wishlist for Animal Crossing that I'm actually reluctant to find out more about the new game in case I got my hopes up too high. There's so much I want from it. Farming please.
  3. Expectation will only grow the longer they make us wait to even see what it looks like. I wish they'd just show us a minute of gameplay, that's all I ask!
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  4. At the speed in which I'm starving at, I'll be happy to take a rehash of Animal Crossing New Leaf with prettier graphics dd.

  5. Remember when Nintendo released a limited edition AC: New Leaf 3DS that looked like a Louis Vuitton handbag from 2003?

    I hope they do something as equally gay for the Switch release.
  6. I love this cover plate, it's the one I have on my 3DS

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  7. Omg you can choke for this, I got so excited
  8. Is Nintendo going to say anything about Mario Kart Tour soon? It literally goes in beta next week and we don't even have a screenshot.
  9. I’m trying to do Cassie & Friends on the Gauntlet. Even a solid AI I use isn’t a match to her 3 konsumables that jack up half my life. I can’t even win one round let alone the match!
  10. So the rumors are Overwatch is going to introduce locked-roles for match queuing and also role-lock in Overwatch League for professional play. What this means is 2 tanks, 2 support, 2 DPS across the competitive game. This stemmed from the professional meta becoming exclusively 'GOATS' (GOAllTanks&Support) or 3 tanks and 3 supports. There's the concern that this meta has become boring for viewers of Overwatch League because that's all teams play (except for the amazing Chengdu Hunters of course) and half the heroes in the game are no longer played because of it.

    So what this means at the casual competitive level is that the days of entering a match and seeing 4 or more people auto pick DPS, followed by arguing over who is going to fill other roles, are gone. When you queue up, you'll have to choose a role and that's all you can play which will make solo queuing amazing. It doesn't change much if you already do this in a six-stack where everyone locks roles. Also there could be three different ranks set up, one for each role.

    I don't know when this is going to happen but I'm hearing sooner than later and the rumors have supposedly come from 'trusted' sources within Blizzard and Overwatch League representatives.
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  11. I mean... yes that makes sense and will likely create better environment but I need my 6 support comp sis
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  12. The last I heard (a while ago) they were going to do regular queuing as well as this locked queue, so hopefully we can still do both.
  13. Okay but Super Mario Maker 2 looks kind of sickening. An improvement over the original in every possible way.
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  14. Reminder to the kart racing fans that Team Sonic Racing is out next week and it looks great

    This animation they made for the game is pretty cute/amusing too

  15. Why spend over $60 on Super Mario Maker when you can play Super Mario World ROM hacks for free?
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  16. I'm actually super excited for Super Mario Maker II.
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  17. I'm definitely saving my money for the Crash Team Racing remaster, Sonic looks cute though. I did like one of his other racing games.
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  18. Funnily enough, I'm shelling out for Sonic but I have really no attachment for Crash so I'm seeing how it goes first.
  19. BTG


    Dddddddd not just me then.

    I’ve managed a round but can never manage the second. All the more annoying because the boss towers usually only require a one round win.
  20. Some of y'all don't main JADE and it shows.

    I do remember struggling with it but I also beat it a while ago so I don't know my exact set up. I believe however, I had one of those consumables that heals you for x% over x seconds, probably best to do the 100% over 60 second one. I also used Takeda's kunai's because fighting fire with fire sis. Third slot I guess doesn't really matter but you can go for Hydro's wave, or Cyrax net, or Kung Jin arrow etc.

    Jumping is how you avoid Takeda's attack, and Jade's projectile invincibility avoids the Kung Jin arrow (Takeda's still hits through that for some reason). So the strategy is to keep jumping and kicking, once you land a kick or once they block a kick, you immediately do her air glaive (variation 1). If you hit you can do air glaive enhanced into green kick enhanced for a quick combo.

    Whenever you have the chance you can reapply your projectile invincibility. Every time you they start to combo you, or you get hit by takeda, use your own takeda. Also main Jade once you're done with this tower because she's a queen.

    I personally didn't do this because I didn't have the item yet, but I think instead of Takeda and another konsumable, you can probably use the Zatarran rainstorm one as well as a heal and keep running away while spamming it.
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