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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I actually pre-ordered them both during a sale ages ago ddd. Both are fairly cheap and look like they're pretty different from each another. I'm perched to finally have not one, but two kart racers to play on PS4.
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  2. I think it would still be regular queue in Quick Play, but not Competitive.
  3. BTG


    Oh my God! This worked! What a queen.


    And then I moved to the next stage and got slaughtered in one hit by Shao Kahn.

  4. I main Jade. She’s a boss. However I don’t time my moves right and then I either get hit and stuck in a combo or I’m performing a combo and the rain hits.

    I gave up and then the tower timed out anyway.
  5. BTG


    I didn’t think the Gauntlet towers could time out? It’s definitely possible with an AI if you’re stuck. I’ve seen people recommend using Jade/Noob and the recommended health konsumable and Takeda’s kunai. And hope the AI has the intelligence to use them at the right time.
  6. I’m sorry - I referenced another tower - the die slowly Skarlet tower! I forgot about Cassie & Friends!
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  7. I have mixed feelings. As a support main, I like it because it means I won’t have four golds with Moira and get fucking flamed for ‘not contributing’ from a five DPS team.

    On the other hand, I feel like this is going to fuck over certain offensive heroes who are more niche to play/may be viable in place of a tank (Mei is the biggest example here). Sombra has become my number 3 best after Mercy and Winston but I likely won’t get to play her much because her damage output just can’t match the more straightforward DPS heroes. Same goes for Symmetra.

    I personally haven’t been that frustrated with GOATS, but I’m also best with tanks and support. I think something had to be done but I don’t know if this will actually improve the game overall or if it will end up stifling creative team compositions.
  8. The on/off switch alone is a game-changer, I can think of an insane number of possibilities just for that thing.
  9. Yeah. I gave that idea a bit more thought and it’s... a mess. Maybe as an option it will be fine, but to force 2/2/2 comp on everyone who plays competitive seems rather awfully restrictive and downright unfair. Utility based heroes like Sombra, Symmetra or Mei will be barely visible within the game because they normally thrive upon creative and unorthodox comps. As awful as GOATS meta is this ain’t the solution. Just nerf Brigg and widowmaker dddddd
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  10. The first lot (Legacy of the first blade) is OK aside from the forced romance that was quite publically ridiculed.
    It's set within the main map and is more of the same of the base game. No new areas, so it is just story missions. If you enjoyed killing cultists, then there's a new batch in the DLC. Maybe 10 or so hours to do it all.

    The first episode of the Fate of Atlantis was great. New map, so plenty of new Question Marks to explore as well as the story.
    Nothings forced, some decision based outcomes so you can play your Eagle Bearer as you wish.
    10+ hours for this one episode, so if the following two carry that up then it should add an extra 30+ hours to the game.
    If they do release 6 weekly, then you may want to wait until mid/end July if you wanna play them all in one go.

    Also, some of the free Lost Tales of Greece DLC missions they've added periodically have been fun, so you'll have a few of them depending on when you uninstalled.
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  11. So has anyone played A Plague Tale?
  12. So check this well-thought video by Overwatch League caster MonteCristo out. A lot of people who watched it went in opposed to the idea or were at least uneasy about it and kind of had their mind changed with the points he brings up.

    (Warning, he starts out talking about League of Legends because he's using what they did as an example, so bear with the video because it's focused on the Overwatch role lock)

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  13. I just came across this game and think some of y'all might be interested. It's a PS1 style platformer out next month that looks quite promising

  14. After buying it in the post-christmas sale i've finally gotten around to playing the Shenmue remaster for the PS4. The story is very good and the size and openness of the game considering the time it was originally released is an incredible accomplishment (and a testament to the Dreamcast) but my god the controls are garbage to the point it sometimes makes it really difficult to play. also Ryo is a dish dd
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  15. I really hope Insomniac will announce a new Ratchet and Clank at E3.
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  16. Same. I read they recently said there would be more Ratchet & Clank for the PS4, so here's hoping.
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  17. I finally got around to picking up Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far, and spent the weekend replaying KH1. Good fucking lord, Riku 2 is even harder than I remember, impossible on my magic build using Lady Luck, had to switch to Olympia and spam Ars Arcanum to get through the last phase.

    Such a wonderful game though, the worlds are smaller than I remember, but it's just a pleasure playing through everything (well... not Atlantica).
  18. Team Sonic Racing is great! The gameplay is smooth, varied and fun, the game looks very pretty, the soundtrack bops and, while the team-based aspect might seem weird on paper, it's implemented really well and it totally works and adds a cool extra layer to the races.

    And also

    Honestly, it's fantastic to finally have a great kart racer to play on the PS4.
  19. Sooo unexpectedly I’m finding myself maining Kung Lao Online, I just find his move set to be one of the most fun in the game. Plus that flying kick really catches people off guard.
  20. Is anyone else here playing Dota? I can't deal with stupid game, why is it so toxic and so addictive.
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