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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  2. It does have Japanese voice acting. Now it just needs to have Okami-style nonsense voice acting as well.
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  3. I said this, I'm now comfortably inside the top 5% for nitro.
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  4. Nice! I wasn't originally planning on going for it myself either but it turns out it's quite doable as long as you play a bit every day and do the challenges.
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  5. At the moment, you need to be inside the top 39,000. I'm 32,000 something. Shame there's no friend leaderboard option there.
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  6. Turquoise one is adorable but I can’t see myself wanting a handheld only switch.
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  7. keep it
  8. And the obvious main reason for it's release:

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  9. He


    Switch Pro or bust.
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  10. This would be a really cute color scheme if not for the hideous art on the back.
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  11. Oh... Now we get a d-pad.
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  12. It's got a cute design but like...there are quite a few games that are either gonna be completely unplayable on it or less fun. Also makes me wonder if devs will stop focusing on TV play entirely if there's an entire model of the console that doesn't support it.
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  13. That's cute but I'm definitely getting a regular one instead.
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  14. Why does the art on the back look like drawings from the kid who claimed they were the best at drawing Pokémon back in Grade 3 dddd
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  15. Pro is still coming. Next year.

  16. I'm still getting a regular one but I'm absolutely sure I'll still get a Lite at some point because Nintendo handhelds have always been my jam and I won't be able to help myself. The turquoise and yellow ones are so cute.
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  17. I screamed at all these scenarios for outdoors activities for fit people being used as examples of typical places to play Switch games at. I also screamed at them having to not only explain but to actually show us what it means that now the controllers are *gasp* integrated!!!!1! Architectural breakthrough! Who knew it was possible?
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  18. This is my concern. How does this influence optimization? Guess that will depend on how many units of this model they manage to sell--there are already 32 million TV-capable systems out there, after all.

    Overall, this is fine. A low-cost choice for people who can't afford the regular one. I get that. I just think it's a mistake for their marketing as the biggest thing Switch has going for it is how simple it is to grasp. Now they're muddying the message.
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  19. I only ever play my Nintendo Switch on TV (the handheld screen gives me a headache, and I can't seem to play handheld for more than fifteen minutes without feeling a serious cramp everywhere), so the Lite version doesn't interest me much. I do think it's extremely pretty, though, and I love that they're thinking about players who maybe can't afford the regular version. I do think it's funny that I kept telling my friend to wait for the Lite version to be announced and that she bought a regular Switch literally only yesterday.
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