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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

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    It's also so ridiculous that its main feature, a home console that switches into a portable, is gone...

    They should have maybe dropped the price (Nintendo would never!), and release a pro version.
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  2. I guess I’m the only one here that plays primarily in handheld mode? I have a 4k TV and Switch games tend to look fucking awful on it. Sub-720p resolutions upscaled to 4k are literally a nightmare. The games look stunning on a smaller screen though so that’s usually how I play. That being said, if there’s a Pro iteration on the horizon there’s no way I’m picking this up.
  3. Who thought it was a good idea to not make it compatible with a tv? What a stupid decision
  4. Is it really that hard to believe that there are certain demographics (like parents purchasing for younger children) who are less concerned about whether it hooks up to a TV? This is just a move to make the system more accessible. If Nintendo was able to get away with the 2DS, they'll be just fine with this.
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    I'm a bit baffled, I just thought the Switch was the ideal console to merge both of Nintendos markets, and here they are kind of splitting its appeal.

    But I do get how this will be a smash with kids / parents. Nintendo knows how to print money.
  6. Parents. Parents buy this for kids, just like the 3DS.

    It'll be a Pokemon machine.
  7. I play the thing in handheld constantly, honestly. I've played it on TV for a fair amount with Zelda but that's...really it. Everything else has been handheld, so I get the appeal.

    I won't buy one but I do want that millenial sword dog color scheme one teebs.
  8. I think it also makes more sense for parents to buy these for siblings who already have the original console but need more in order to trade, battle etc. Nintendo the scammer.
  9. They will have done loads of consumer research to get to this decision, it’s not like they will have just plucked it from the air. I’d say there are a lot of children who play the Switch in handheld mode only and never hook it up to a TV. This isn’t for me as I never use handheld mode, but not everything provided is aimed at me, so why get mad.
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  10. This is a sturdy one piece model made for durability and children. I had people come in at least twice a week to still buy 2DSes for Pokemon or Mario, like, this will sell well at $200.
  11. The idea of a Pro model is giving me anxiety... watch the Zelda sequel require its enhancements or something.

    I remember them talking about the even split they'd found between users playing in handheld versus docked mode, so I think it's fascinating they're treating this more like a handheld anyway.

    Personally, I'm one of those 50-50 people. Games like Smash I absolutely play on the TV most of the time, but a lot of my JRPGs and such I take with me on the go and that's half the appeal of the system.
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  13. I still need to buy Switch and im deffo a handheld person so a cheaper version sounds better to me at this point in time. Thing is outside of Pokemon i would buy games like Crash trilogy, CTR and Spyro. Did anyone played those (not counting Spyro as it comes out in September) on the handheld mode on the regular switch? How do they work?
  14. I think a lot of people are underestimating the significance of that price cut. Anyone holding out for a 3DS successor who was put off by the Switch’s initial price point will now have no reason not to pick one up. Come holiday season Nintendo will be rolling in it.

    I get why some are perplexed by this erasure of the Switch’s signature gimmick but it makes complete business sense to lean into the system’s portable potential. As a home console the Switch is at least two generations behind; as a handheld device it’s state of the art tech.
  15. Looks cute. I’ll pick it up if we get some other colours eventually.

    PS this will be fucking huge in Japan where handheld gaming is preferred.
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  16. I...hate how quickly I decided I would be buying this. But I KNOW as soon as Animal Crossing and the Back to Nature remake take over my life, I will get a lot of mileage out of having a second Switch that's sturdier and handier.
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  17. It’s cute and cheaper, most parents with kids will prefer having it as a handheld only so that they don’t have their TV time disturbed, and when it comes to Christmas time a $100 difference goes a long way. It’ll sell fine, I’m more concerned about the Pro edition and whether that ends up being too pricey.
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  18. I'm perched for the Pro edition but at the same time I'm not expecting much 'cause Nintendo being... Nintendo. I've hooked up my switch to my dad's 4K TV once and it looked downright disgusting.
  19. You’ve listed a bunch of 3rd party titles available on other (more powerful) systems so the Switch versions are always going to be inferior. Crash and CTR both run at 480p in handheld mode which is fine but not ideal. My biggest issue with Switch as a portable is that it has this gorgeous 720p screen but hardly any games that can run natively on it. If you’re strictly a handheld gamer then it’s still a massive leap from the 3DS.
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  20. Oh my God, they will 100% make the cutest Animal Crossing themed one I just know it.
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