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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Not gonna lie that i'll buy it mainly for Pokemon, Animal Crossing and possibly Yo-kai watch but Crash (plus CTR) and Spyro are games of my childhood so i'll most likely buy them anyway. Thanks for the info!
  2. Erm, Zelda and Mario look gorgeous on a tv. Not the hyper-realism we’re subjected to from things like PS4, but still gorgeous for the aesthetic they’re aiming for.
  3. A lot of my friends bought the 2DS over the 3DS because they were only there for maybe 1/2 games at first so a more impulsive price point with cheaper parts is a smart move.

    Plus as mentioned it will do the numbers in Japan where the commuter culture is just more handheld gaming oriented.
  4. I am absolutely horrible at the online races in Crash Team Racing, the best I've placed has been 5th so far. Dddd.
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  5. The Switch Lite is pretty much what I expected and solely aimed as a budget, cheaper option for kids. I'm not too fussed about it and don't think this is the sole future of the Switch.

    The fact that it doesn't connect up to a TV at all is a bit sad; they could have at least retained that functionality and released a cheaper dock/dongle. But I suppose that wanted to keep costs low and retain the attractive price point.

    It does seem like they are abandoning Labo even more with the Lite (as I initially suspected). The console itself likely doesn't even fit exisiting Labos, even if they had extra joycons lying around.
  6. At least you don't get wiped out by The Orb of Doom every twenty seconds.
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  7. I think I've played in handheld mode once in my entire life and I didn't like it at all. This product isn't for me, but it's perfect for my niece who borrows her brother's Switch to play in handheld mode. That's literally who it is targeted to.
  8. I don't even have an online subscription to play CTR online but honestly the items are my least favorite thing about the game for multiple reasons so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. As sluggishly slow as getting Wumpa Coins is offline, I'm not particularly interested in losing my top speed every 3 seconds to the gigantic bomb explosion radius or the clock. The difference between having the highest boost level and no boost at all is like going from 150cc to 50cc in Mario Kart.
  9. The online is not like that all, it's actually a lot of fun. At most you see 2/3 clocks during a race, and each one affect all but one person, so it's not like they leave you at a disadvantage. Getting hit with bombs is hardly that common either as people tend to end up pretty spread out through the track. And the rewards really are much better than offline, especially during the daily bonus. Are you on PS4 or Switch?
  10. I'm sad about the Switch Lite. It'll be the first Nintendo hardware I won't be purchasing at launch since I started with the Gamecube! I love it, but it's about £20 too much AND Nintendo aren't interested in people that might want a Switch Lite for portable gaming and a regular Switch for home gaming. Like, why can't that be a thing? With games like Pokemon and Animal Crossing that will not do cloud saves - how would you continue gaming on the go? Yes, I know I can with he regular Switch but the Lite being this all in one unit, smaller, lighter, a little better battery life, it's perfect for that.
  11. Yeah, the Switch is fully docked for me. I need to see Zelda on the big screen!
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  12. I probably play mine 60% handheld 40% docked.
  13. What‽
  14. ??? I've been using that feature for years, it's... not exactly hidden.

    I only found out relatively recently that you can check a game's trophy list through the quick menu though (by holding the PS button), that's convenient.
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  15. I'm on PS4. I'm sure the items aren't as bad as they seem offline especially if you're skilled enough to break away (which I am on easy ones like Coco Park) but I think I'll still stay away from it for now. I don't have the $70 CDN to put down for a year membership anyway.
  16. I finally made a level in Mario Maker!


    Anyone else have any to share?
  17. Yeah I didn't usually have a subscription either, so pretty glad I decided to get a yearly one during the Days of Play sale earlier when it was cheaper, the regular price is a bit too much.
  18. For people wanting both the regular Switch and Switch Lite, aren't saves (and profiles?) locked to a single system anyway?
  19. You don't need PNS plus to play CTR online. At least not in matchmaking. I've just done a race on a second account with no subscription.
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