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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. He


    Nooooo, those breasts!
  2. Whhhat the fuck omg
  3. BTG


    Me when I had a girlfriend in high school:

  4. When I dropped my KFC bucket
  5. RJF


    So I'm at Zaude in Vesperia and I kind of got my gag (Captain Schwann) but I'm sort of losing steam now. The way they constantly have had characters suddenly leave and come back (it felt like they removed Estelle for an obscene amount of the playtime) later throughout the game, with some characters doing this multiple times, has kind of wrecked any kind of party momentum I've been trying to build. So now I'm just flying around the world looking for sidequests and the only one I've really found is the one to mark where Repede is pissing in the world.
  6. There's a Big In Japan PSN sale right now, which includes pretty much every game developed in Japan. It used to be a yearly thing so it's cool that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

    Am I going to pick up a couple of games despite already having a huge backlog?

  7. There are several sidequests spread all over at that point, but several more only appear after Aurnion, though it's not exactly easy to find them, especially since some are tied to missable content from earlier on. The game not having some sort of sidequest log/indicator/anything, especially when there's so much missable/hard to find stuff, was a big oversight. when I played I followed this list to avoid missing anything. It should come in handy to find the end-game sidequests at least, unless you're feeling like revisiting pretty much every single area in the game.
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  8. PopJustice: The Videogame is coming

  9. Yo-Kai Watch 4 is coming to PS4!

    I honestly didn't expect this at all.
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  10. Looks better and better.
  11. Wow it really did flop badly then.
  12. This was actually one of my most anticipated Switch releases, but I guess I'll get it for PS4 instead then, especially if it's an improved version of the game.

    This is actually not the first time Yo-Kai Watch appears on the Playstation, as there was a Final Fantasy XIV x Yo-Kai Watch event a few years ago. I kinda figured Yo-Kai wasn't that exclusive when that happened ddd
  13. I’m wondering if this will get localised at all? Nintendo would normally publish and localise and they’re not going to touch this if it’s on PS4. Either only the Switch version will come to the west or we’ll be waiting till 2021 for Level5 to do it.
  14. I'm guessing it'll be Level-5 publishing it (or maybe Bandai Namco?), I don't really see Nintendo localising a game that'll also come to the PS4. Level-5 announced the Western release was announced back in July, and surely the PS4 version must have already been in the works by then.
  15. Honestly I don't think it makes sense porting the game to PS4 if it's not going to have a WW release. That's where PS audience is.
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  16. Honestly more excited for this than literally any other 2020 release.

    I already love this series, but the fact that this one is going to have a Dragon Quest-style combat system with a party, jobs, summons and all that makes it even better.

  17. Why do I feel like he's going to kill me in my sleep?
  18. Since you mentioned Yakuza. I am currently playing the first game with my brother. Are substories always available or are they connected to a specific chapter, meaning they can be missable? They are mixed answers on Google so I am not sure.
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  19. This video has... such evil energy.
  20. So happy this finally has a release date! (Sept. 19, for anyone wondering.) This has been one of my most anticipated games since playing it at PAX. It really draws on adrenaline and I can't wait to play it with surround sound or a really nice set of headphones.
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