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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I'd be surprised if a lot of journalists didn't boycott it this year considering over 2000 of them got doxxed last year
  2. Ehh it's still worth it for Nintendo and SE, and Microsoft showing all the multiplatform games we'll get to play on the PS4/5.
  3. Sony will obviously be holding their own conference round about the same time, they're not going to let Microsoft reveal all the third party titles for the next gen. I can see them following a similar pattern which they did for the PS4; Playstation Meeting in February where they reveal the specs of the console and other stuff, then one in June where they show off what the console looks like and pricing etc
  4. LiK


    Apparently they have a bunch of publishers onboard to show up at their conference it's been rumored that's where they'll debut the new Batman & Assassin's Creed games. Meanwhile i'm just here hoping we get a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 teaser.
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  5. There are less than 24 hours left for the current ranked cup in Mario Kart Tour and I am currently sitting at 10th place in Tier 30 with 40,900 points. Everyone above me all the way up to 3rd are less than 2,000 points ahead. It's a literal bloodbath that ultimately will come down to luck whether I pass them or not and tbh I don't think I can be assed to put in the effort anymore.

    The game has quickly run out of new content (a mere one new track per tour plus a bunch of high-end reskins of existing characters/karts), cups are more competitive and harder to rank up in, rewards are only increasing for 1st place and the tours all last 2 weeks but after the first week there's literally nothing to do except for challenge pages which I've also hit a standstill at because I have to reach Tier 40 to finish the current one... but at 10th place I run the risk of ranking down.

    Before the current cup I literally placed 1st and 2nd in every cup except for two, now it's impossible without paying tons of money. I'm shocked I even played for this long but I'm over it. Without online multiplayer there is no replay value anymore. I've hit Level 99 (max level) and finished every other page of challenges, there's nothing left for me. I would stop caring about the competitive aspect if there was any reason to play the game casually but... there isn't. The whole game is based on doing well in the ranked cups. There isn't even a way to opt out of participating in them; if I uninstall the game I'll just keep ranking down each week.

    Please... just give me Mario Kart 9.
  6. PlayStation are doing their own version of 2019 Wrapped up
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  7. 537 hours and I deffo played y Switch more dddd
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  8. Um...YIKES.
  9. Ddd, not me only playing 6 games on the PS4 last year for 13hrs at most. Not my Star Wars playthrough being at nearly 100% and not even clocking up at TEN HOURS too. What a scam.
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  10. Ick, me and my other half use the same account so FIFA 19 and 20 are the Top 2 with him playing a total of 457 hours out of 1435 nñnn and earning 12 of 355 trophies gotten last year and Sport being the Top genre last year.

    I feel ignored.
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  11. 281 hours of Overwatch ddd

    I'm uninstalling it again

  12. Xbox isn't doing that Year in Review thing, but between Assassin's Creed Odyssey and 150 hours there, probably another 150 between Greedfall, Dragon Age 2, and Far Cry 5, and an average of 15 hours a week on Overwatch (~800), I'm easily over 1,100 hours.
  13. I don’t buy this considering the majority of sites you visit says it takes around 20-25 hours just to do a play through and do most side quests

    It took me around 15 just to do the story
  14. Ffff sis mine’s at 781 hours I think you’re fine.
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  15. I mean it isn’t in my list despite 11 hours being the lowest so.
  16. Oh my god I am going to only be able to play this during the daylight !!
  17. I love this "year in review" things, but mine is all messed up for some reason... Guess it cuz my brother had the PS4 for the majority of the year.
  18. Masc shooty nonsense was my top game. My excuse is that I know someone who worked on it.
  19. Oh wow, I don't know that I needed Sony to call me out on my 135 hours playing Dragon Quest XI (with another 96 hours on Tales of Berseria) with this Year in Review.
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