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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PC
  2. What is the gameplay actually like in this game? From everything I’ve seen it’s just cut scenes and big battle animations, I think I thought it was a rhythm game when I first saw the trailer. . .

    Is it an actual RPG?
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  3. Eh, I'm perched for Cyberpunk regardless but they should just cut the crap and admit they want the buzz of launching for the next-gen.

    Now if we don't have a GTA VI ready to go in 2021...
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  4. GTA is overrated as fuck
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  5. aux


    I literally just play GTA to blast the pop music station and drive around in a cute car.
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  6. Uh, yuh huh!

    I’m lazy and Wikipedia has the tea.

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  7. I mean... I love Fire Emblem but come on. It's the most represented game in Smash alongside Mario and Pokemon.

    Plus, they gave us 4 characters from brand new series never represented before in the Smash series and then... Byleth.

    I'm whelmed.
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  8. You mean Square Enix delayed the first Final Fantasy VII Remake to be out on the same date as Cyberpunk 2077. And the Resident Evil 3 Remake is out a week before. No one wants the Titanfall 2 fate for what should be a great game.
  9. LTG


    Plus the classic rock station for Stevie Nicks - Stand Back.
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  10. BTG


    GTAV discussion? Time to link this iconic video once more.

    Also my GTAV Online character is truly gay rights with his hot pink guns.
  11. LiK


    The game looked roughed the last time they showed it off so i'm not surprised. I don't think they needed buzz for this game at all, was gonna be huge regardless.

    Dreams as well (which i think is a smart move).
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  12. Despite all the big AAA games getting delayed, we're still getting Animal Crossing, Persona and Pokémon in March so I guess the gays won.
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  14. The new Super Smash Bros DLC character is such a boring choice. Another sword fighter from Fire Emblem. Super Smash Bros character picks used to be exciting but it’s gotten to the point where none of them seem exciting. I hope the next batch of DLC is more diverse in fighting types and also all female characters (unless one of them is Waluigi).
  15. I do love that the trailer talks shit about there being so many swordsmen, honestly. You got me there, Sakurai.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Waiting years for Cyberpunk, even just news about the game, years, then we get the Keanu Reeves reveal and April 16th has been circled on my calendar so hard, the pen went through the page, and then we have to go back 5 more months just to be released around next gen console hype-time?

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  18. Lemme download the Uncharted collection and give the first three a play through again.

    Surprised they don’t have a new bundle out with the last one but I’m fine cause it was just such a letdown.
  19. ^I'm really wanting to go back and play all the Uncharteds again, including Lost Legacy!

    I always forget how good Uncharted 4 looks. I wasn't a fan of 4's ending and Sam didn't do much for me although I do kinda like him. I was also expecting a more epic storyline to be honest.

    Can we get a Lost Legacy sequel please?
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  20. The story was the biggest letdown with Uncharted 4. I literally just didn’t even care by the time I was halfway through it.
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