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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Give it a try, it's really fantastic. Some people do way too much over the controls, but it's really just a matter of getting used to them (and not expecting the game to play like Assassin's Creed).
  2. So I have a question that's not strictly videogame related but kind of is so I'll ask it haha. I watch Blurays on my PS3 but find that they play really dark - if something is set at night I have no chance of seeing anything. Is there anything I can do on the PS3 to brighten things up a bit?
  3. I bought God of War (PS4) on a whim having not played any of the entries after the initial PS2 debut and...I'm gagged? The world building is insane and the daddy issues in me are quenched by the father-son storytelling. I also don't remember there being so many RPG elements to the game: it's effectively an action RPG.

    This shit is hard though, I started on normal difficulty and had to scale it back to easy after getting dogwalked by the first ogre I encountered nn.
  4. It definitely starts off hard and gets easier as you get more powerful. I stuck with it on Hard mode and it was really, really rewarding.

    You also get a tonne of XP when you have to keep redoing sections.
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  5. The PS4 game put more emphasis on RPG elements. I would still recommend checking out GOW3 Remastered though. It was my first PS4 game but I'd say it still holds up pretty well.
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  6. God of War is an incredible game. The world building, the sheer atmosphere that game brings is utterly unmatched. What an amazing experience.
  7. And to think they almost didn't go through with the project! That documentary they added is truly worth watching as you see just how hard it is to make such a game, it almost makes you feel ashamed when you bitch about a tiny glitch haha! I can't wait for the sequel!
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  8. I can't stop crying, we did it kids.

  9. aux


    We have no choice but to stan.
  10. Finally finished the remake of the Spyro games, and Spyro 3 is just...not it. I hated the skateboard sections in particular.
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  11. Dusted off my basically unused Xbox One for the Phantasy Star Online 2 open beta and I think I'm very hooked. Anyone else playing?

    I never played the original PSO (but just played the first Phantasy Star), but this is very relaxing in terms of being able to just quickly drop in, do some daily quests and exploration, and then dropping out.

    Also really love that it's a free to play, and the monetization systems aren't too aggressive.
  12. Spyro 3 is iconic. I find it such an improvement compared to 2, especially in terms of level design.
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  13. I played Assassin's Creed: Odyssey because it was free this weekend and whew....I'm hooked.
  14. I'm 183 hours in (my last save before I started another 4 hours last night) and I'm only maybe half way through the DLC, which is sooo worth the money I strongly suggest you get it if haven't yet and play after the main story.

    I'm in the middle of the Atlantis part of the DLC now and Persephone is such a queen, I stan.

    If we were doing a Ultimate Gamejustice now, it'd be in my Top 5 no doubt.
  15. Yeah, that's another on my to_finish list.
  16. I’ve started Nioh this week finally, huge fan of the Souls games and I’m enjoying so far. I struggled to get into Sekiro but this feels more souls-like.
  17. Should I pre order Persona 5 Royal or nah
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  18. I’m on PC so have to wait to try it when available for us. I’ve heard a lot of good things and since I’ve played the series before I’m all for it. It’s crossplay too, we should play together when it’s fully released.
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  19. I lived for Phantasy Star Online back in the Dreamcast/Gamecube days, but Phantasy Star Universe (and that random DS game) was so awful that I'm hesitant to hop back on board.
  20. I'm in the middle of Origins, which has such a ridiculously large world to explore, that can sometimes be a hindrance. I've spent most of the time collecting, and upgrading, that I've only just got back to the main storyline. I might need a AC break after this lol.
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