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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. It seems as though the "Open Beta" period for Xbox is through April, so ideally they'll drop a PC version right after. And yes, absolutely! Been playing with some AI partners but that world definitely needs a PJ alliance.
  2. Dddd someone has stolen the XboxSX source code and is holding it ransom for $100m. 2020 is something else!
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  3. I bought Control on PS Store since it has a 60% discount. I saw some videos, it looks interesting so hopefully I will enjoy it.
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  4. You're in for a ride. I loved it quite a bit and am thinking about replaying it in preparation for the DLC that's coming out.

    I just finished Ratchet & Clank 2016, first time playing a game from the series and it was pretty good. The visuals are dizzying almost, so good, the gameplay was rock solid. Though I went in expecting a platformer and ended up with a third person shooter, but I'm not mad at it.
    My favourite bit was flying around in the desert collecting all the brains. That was a memorable Level.
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  5. I *thought* I read that it was just the graphics card source code which is fairly useless? Unless this is another story entirely which would be WILD.
  6. XENOBLADE DE LOOKS SO GOOD!!! And a release date!!!

    Quarantine me needed this this morning!
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  7. aux


    @RJF XENOGAY IS COMING ON THE 28TH OF MAY adcmaknjkdnwnma
  8. RJF


    Good Job! looks so fucking dumb I'm screaming.
  9. A Panzer Dragoon remake?! Wigless.
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  10. RJF


    Why does Bravely Default II just have the plot of Golden Sun?
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  11. Absolutely, and all you other queers should be doing the same!
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  12. Good Job looks to be produced by Nintendo, so could be pretty good, certainly looked polished enough. I’ll be giving that and the Bravely Default II a go tonight.
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  13. waking up to FOUR MINUTES OF XENOBLADE FOOTAGE -endless post of crying emojis-
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  14. He


    The accents in Xenoblade always crack me up. It looks amazing, and it has an epilogue!

    Queen Melia looks great with the facelift. Bravely Default looks pretty nice too.

    I wish the final announcement had been something interesting.
  15. I was not expecting a Bravely Default 2 demo to appear out of nowhere today. Nintendo's stunt queen ways.
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  16. Omg I've wanted to play Panzer Dragoon all my life YAS
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  17. Good Job looks like the kinda nonsense I love.
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  18. nintendo i don't CARE about the pokemon expansion pass, just release the shit.
  19. There's new DLC for Control out today for anyone interested. I've got the season pass, so I'm going to download and play later. It's time for Jesse to beat the shit out of more Hiss, that's for sure.
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