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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Hyped for Xenoblade and Bravely Default II.
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  2. Downloading Bravely 2 demo. So excited!
  3. Another Direct with no news of Shin Megami Tensei V... I'm back to being unwell.
  4. Add Control DLC to the lists of games I need to play after I get through AC Odyssey's DLC, which I've only just met Hades last night so there's a ways to go. (Defeating Cerberus was a literal nightmare by the way -- "BAD DOG!" indeed)
  5. Xenoblade looks beautiful, we will be playing on May 29
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  6. Mini Direct? When are we going to get some proper news on Zelda, Mario, etc?
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  7. Likely they’re waiting for E3 given release dates are extremely likely to change given current events
  8. RJF


    Xenoblade looks like it got an insane overhaul. How did Xenoblade 2 perform for them versus the original? Was it really worth sinking all this effort into remastering the first game? I mean I don't doubt I'll sink another 200 hours easy if it's anything like 2, but still. Hmm.
  9. 2 actually performed extremely well given its genre. Think it hit 2 million! The original never really got it’s time in the sun due to its release timing so I suspect it’s a move to get the franchise more ingrained and to fund a more ambitious title
  10. Yeah the second one did pretty well, and the original has become a bit of a cult classic. I think Nintendo really believes in the quality of the original since they gave it not one, but two ports.

    From what I've seen in the trailer the Definitive Edition will further connect the two games.
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  11. The Wii version released weirdly and the N3DS version was exclusive only to the N3DS not 3DS which set it back. X was on the doomed WiiU. 2 has sold amazingly (topping 2m) and really brought the series forward. Shulk in Smash certainly raised the profile of the series too.

    This one looks to truly be the Definitive game even adding in the fabled cut content from the original.

    Just something exciting to note. Alvis can be seen wearing a core crystal pendant similar to Mythra and Malos. This wasn't in the original games and basically confirms that he is the third entity from the conduits Trinity Processor. I'm sure this will be elaborated on in the expanded story.
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  12. Dddd I wonder if they got Jenna Coleman back to voice Melia for the epilogue
  13. He


    I played this game for over 120 hours many years ago on the Wii, and I cannot identify a single thing you just mentioned.

    I went and read the plot on wiki and I can barely recall the rollercoaster of a story. I know I loved it the game, so I guess I'll have to go back to it.
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  14. Alvis was a weird character who wasn't explained properly in the original game alone (I didn't feel like he was anyway). The second game connected a lot of dots. The conduit, a device that connects different realities was found, the trinity processor was created - three AIs that would maintain its power. Klaus used the conduit to create a new world. It was revealed that Mythra and Malos were 2 of the AIs and that the third was thrown into the newly created world. Many speculated that the third AI must have been Alvis due to his actions in the first game but this revelation in the trailer all but confirms it!
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  15. Maybe I should've placed that preorder on Xenoblade instead of Persona 5.... miss steaks were perhaps made.

    *looks at my 3 hours save file of Xenoblade 2*
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  16. Are Amazon likely to be able to ship Persona 5 Royal copies on time? I’m unsure of the supply situation with everything right now
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  17. god to think when we used to have to mail nintendo to get games over here and now i get Xenoblade in HD -sobs-
  18. He


    This looks so incredible.

    I guess it contains some spoilers, including Nemesis 2nd form (I think) at the very end.

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  20. Jam


    I want it because I got the Xenoblade 2 collectors (so this decision is going to haunt me) but I can't really justify the price difference as I don't have a record player, so am opting for the standard for like the first time in my life!
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