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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I'm glad they're cleaning this up. The seeds were all there but it'll be nice to be officially put together.

    I'd love them to connect it all to Xenoblade Chronicles X in some way, as well, ideally to set the stage for an actual sequel. I think I enjoyed my time with X more last year than the other games in the series.
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  2. RJF


    I assume Future Connected will connect the two titles in a far clearer manner.
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  3. I think so too. Actually Melia's new staff looks a lot like a blade weapon.
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  4. I want this edition too since the Switch doesn't have region lock but nn nearly IMMEDIATELY out of stock. Hopefully I can order it at some point.

    It's been so long since I played Xenoblade 1, I'm gonna have to go through and read up because there were so many revelations at the end of 2 that I didn't retain everything. Time to dig in some wikis.
  5. RJF


    nn Xenoblade 2 still haunts me. So good. What other game ends with a throuple forming? I can't wait to dive back into another 100+ hours of Monolith Soft mess.
  6. Honestly the first has camp in spades. The soundtrack going apeshit while Shulk yells FIORRRRRAAAAA for at least the first 30 hours, the stakes being immediately more violent and less twee than 2, Melia in the role of 'gay icon who the protagonist doesn't see for the queen she is', the gag of the alternate costumes.
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  7. The bitchcraft and wigatry of the OST

  8. I thought 2 was fun, but the story was... not that good dddd. I still don't know what is a flesh eater and what is a blade eater or whatever and what point they served in the story.

    The story of the original is much stronger. The plot twists, the villians... whew!
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  9. 2 is much more of an adventure story and the different titans do lend a lovely sense of exploration. The original is sci fi fantasy opera opulence with a far more focused story.
  10. Persona in March, Final Fantasy in April and Xenoblade in May... We eating good this Spring. Maybe self-isolation is for the best after all
  11. I know I’m very late to the party, but I’ve just finished Detroit: Become Human. I managed to get the worst ending possible where
    Everyone of the main characters die
    Not sure how I managed that!
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  12. He


    That game is rather hilarious, to be honest. The way they chose to regurgitate ham fisted "allegories" to the civil rights movement and nazism.

    The game is gorgeous though.
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  13. David Cage is certainly a director with budget I'll say that
  14. He


    Someone has been uploading their playthrough of RE3 Remake. The opening chapter seems so cool already!

  16. Ah here's the tea
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  17. I have £10 in eshop credit from registering points on purchased games and I cannot decide what to spend it on. I apparently hVe to spend it by the end of the month, so now basically.

    I was thinking Breath if The Wild DLC but I wonder if I’m over looking anything?
  18. Get Murder By Numbers. Especially if you like the Ace Attorney games.
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  19. aux


    I've been obsessed with Tetris 99 since I got my Nintendo Switch Online membership.
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  20. Just let me play Super Mario Sunshine.

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