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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. If Bayonetta can get two sequels then so can Astral Chain!
  2. xenoGOD in 5 days.
  3. RJF


    I’ve ordered a pro controller because I wasn’t going to DEAL with that drift in my Joy Cons when dealing with art.
  4. Is there any like concrete next gen console info? I've seen some features here and there (ie. PS5 reverse compatibility) but like... I'm ready to learn more. I assume they will reveal more in June in replacement of E3.
    All my friends got a XB1 and... when that first came out and they were trying to sell it's entertainment multimedia capabilities and... bundle the Kinect with it I was like "Nah lemme go with ps4".
    But now i'm not really sure which one I would pick. I guess whichever one has better exclusives. What are the chances that XB is going to beat out PS on that one though? I don't know...
  5. He


    Always Playstation. There is no way Xbox has as many exclusives, it never has.

    Sony and Nintendo is the winning combination always.
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  6. I literally can’t wait to buy my PS5
  7. I do find it kind of off-putting how next gen consoles are being marketed as like... the latest piece of tech you need to have, with barely any focus on the games themselves. It gives me Apple vibes. Like ok the specs are this, this and that, but why would I care if you never show any games?
  8. This is why I bought a Ps4 over the Xb1. Microsoft barely talked about the gaming, they talked about... switching seamlessly between TV and gaming or something. I was like "okay... time to get my playstation then".

    I'll probably end up getting a ps5. Hopefully my friends do too.
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  9. I haven't played a lot of Egypt, but I played a ton of Greece and yeah, blocking is shit. Use the square button dodge instead.
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  10. I'll believe that when I see it. Unless they've got something to say about Metroid Prime 4 I don't believe this is coming. We've got Pikmin 3 Deluxe and the Mario "remasters" coming. Nintendo don't need to release this now.
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  11. I wouldn't believe the Metroid Prime release. It was Nintendo Soup who broke the story and they are notorious for bullshit clickbait.

    I write game reviews for them.
  12. Why believe two rumours to disregard another??? Metroid's Switch port has been rumoured for years, I've always assumed they delayed it because of the 4 delay and it will be a precursor to the 4 announcement
  13. Because this is same website put the trilogy up back in 2018 with a Feb 2019 release date. So I think they jump the gun a little. It's not that I don't believe we're getting the trilogy on Switch, I do, but like I said, unless Nintendo have something to announce about Metroid Prime 4 I think they'll hold on to this until they do. But maybe we have a trailer coming. E3 was on its way after all.
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  14. All I want is Metroid Prime 4 (and for it to be good) but the Prime series is an underrated masterpiece and we definitely deserve it on the Switch. Give me that thing that I love, Nintendo.
  15. Give me Super Mario 3D World on Switch Nintendo you fat
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  16. I think it’s likely the big games will be pushed back till next year like BotW2. There’s plenty of room for Paper Mario, Metroid Prime Trilogy, all the Super Marios etc. I’m just praying for Bayonetta 3 this year.

    They might have chosen to release it now as filler. God knows they’ve sat on it long enough.
  17. Honestly, I can't wait to throw my controller in rage while vibing to the laid-back tropical aesthetic of Super Mario Sunshine. It'll be just like old times xx
  18. It’s... 2020. There is no room for 720p.
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