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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I didn't mind the "anime" tropes, per se; it's more like, if they were going to go that direction I wish they'd executed them a little better. My gripes had more to do with the other things you pointed out: interface design (particularly wayfinding), endless tutorials, that sort of thing. And all the unnecessary roadblocks the game set up to continue the story.

    But I'm also a clown and just picked up the Xenogay Definitive Edition despite all my complaints about the second one.

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  2. Oh, wow. The acrobatics. I didn't even know this was possible, I thought the console battery was supposed to die slowly forever.

  3. Dd at least the new content is some of the best in the game! Have there been any new story developments sis?
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  4. Dddddddd how did you not know this, my PS4 insists on being in rest mode all the time.
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  5. It is literally hidden! I thought kids these days just love finding their power drained every time they pick up their console.
    And PS4 is the same?! Everything has been a LIE.
  6. You can easily turn off the PS4 though, I always do when I'm not using it.
  7. Yeah, exactly. I thought it was an obvious feature of like.... everything. Its just standby mode.
  8. I didn't remember it having a sleep mode, as I have only used it circumstantially, it's basically brother's. I just tried the rest mode option and it put up a deep yellow ribbon light which I had never seen before, so I assume I have been turning it off properly in the past?
  9. Somehow amidst 100+ hours of Monster Hunter World in a month, I got myself addicted to a GACHA GAME on my phone.


    I love the SaGa franchise, but I'm still so ashamed.
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  10. Superliminal sellsg itself as a puzzle game with one of the coolest puzzle mechanics I’ve seen in a long time but doesn’t do enough with it. It rarely bothers trying anything new and if it does it’s done with it two seconds laters. It also tricks you Into thinking the game is getting exciting a few levels in and then just reveals it actually wasn’t. The story is also dull and the game ends up just messing with your head in a way that is quirky at first but just really gets very annoying by the end. It’s also really short so I spent £12 on a game that lasted me two hours and I didn’t really enjoy it that much.
  11. How is it hidden when the power button is right next to the volume control buttons ddd
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  12. It doesn't turn the console off? There is no hint that if you press it longer you gain access to a menu of options that is nowhere to be found in any other way anywhere else on the console. It is literally the definition of hidden. Hence the fucking wikihow pages and articles about it being counter-intuitive I kept coming across yesterday.
  13. Isn't this the same as how the 3DS worked though? I knew it did what it did without having to think about it, but maybe that's why.
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  14. If it is, and I've seen people saying that, then I've been clueless about that too. In the 3DS if you press the power button, a screen turns up that has a POWER OFF button. Pressing that turns the device completely off, and not just putting it in sleep mode, no?
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  15. I actually can't remember now. I could be mis-rememering. Can't try it out as I no longer have a 3DS.
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  16. I’m glad you said this because I was really interested in buying it! That’s a shame it’s so short.
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  17. RJF


    The fact that you can’t turn the Switch on and off entirely from the controller is a bit of a design flaw. You’re telling me I have to get up?
  18. Has anyone seen the smash bros community scandals? I’ve only read them in passing but fucking hell, it seems everyday another abuser or groomer is outed. Even Nintendo has condemned them. They need locking up.
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  19. I’ve been seeing it all.

    The Puppeh situation is also especially gross. This is how he looked when a 24 year old woman groomed him.

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