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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I can't decide between Origami King or Friends of Mineral Town for my next game Dddd I'm a fagguette.
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  2. I mean this is probably a good call on their part considering the popularity of free to play shooters right now - Mostly battle royales, They actually have a good chance of getting a large player base because it won't be another battle royale.
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  3. That's interesting. So you only buy the campaign?
  4. An official Silent Hills twitter account has been created. It’s coming.
  5. My switch controller has started to drift.
    (deep breath)
    So the only way to get by that is to spend another $80 on another set?
  6. Nintendo will fix it for free.
  7. According to youtube I can try to clean out the joystick with some alcohol so i'm going to try that first. I'd be sad if I had to ship off my controllers for weeks.
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  9. Yeah I'm praying they'll use some of the same musical themes. And then get sorely disappointed when Netflix doesn't release the soundtrack.
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  10. my world for an official release outside of like a download.
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  11. The way The Torna Golden country went down from 8 to 6 when it kept forcing me to do these side quests to progress through main story...


    Only to regain those 2 points again with the ending. This DLC is so sad nn
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  12. I don't think I ever had such a hate-love relationship with a game before as I do with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and 2, the power of friendship really jumped out.

    I really enjoyed the Torna The Golden Country DLC a lot more due to the more mature characters and the engaging combat of constantly swapping them.

    Now I'm powering through Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and god help me, Reyn really is testing my nerves. I still love the games, the lore, the setting, just wig. But I think I'm done with JRPGs for a while
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  13. I really need something new to play and I’ve really struggle to find something that gives me the same feeling as the Souls series. I tried Sekiro and just couldn’t get into it. I’ve finished Bloodborne more time’s than I’d care to remember.
    Any ideas???
  14. I think Code Vein is just Bloodbourne/Dark Souls but anime, if you wanted to look into that. Haven't played it personally cause I hate games like that, but it might be worth your time!
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  15. I haven't played them yet but Nioh and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order seem to be popular among souls fans.
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  16. If you’re still deciding, Origami King seems really charming. I’ve seen it be likened to a classic Zelda game due to the gameplay loop and it being more puzzle focused. I haven’t played it myself but it’s definitely next on my list.
  17. I’m playing Xenoblade for the third time and I always get in this loop where I have to finish the quests before moving on ddd. Sorry mechon I have to save a stupid nopon or find a carrot byeeee.

    I am determined to finish all the super bosses this time. I’d always ignored them before but having 110%ed XB2 I wanna do the same here.
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  18. i have downloaded friends of mineral town for the switch.
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  19. It's not ideal, but I had mine back in a week and a half. And this was only a month ago.
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