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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I haven't played it myself, but I think Salt And Sanctuary is basically meant to be a Souls game but in 2D. And speaking of 2D games, I thought Hollow Knight had a kind of Souls-y vibe too.
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  2. Let us know if it's any good!
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  3. I'm not sure about her being blonde or the outfit, but that fighting style *chef's kiss*
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    I absolutely love it. I'm still in Fall of Year 1, but I'm enjoying taking my time and befriending the people in the town. It's such a charming little game.
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  5. She was blonde in Soul Calibur 4 too though! In Soul Calibur 3, she had dark hair, which made it not so easy to tell she was actually European and not Japanese, which is an important part of her character, so it makes sense they kept the blonde hair for Soul Calibur 6.
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  6. I haven't got the chance to play neither 4 nor 5. Also didn't know she was European, since I didn't read up on her story, dddd.
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  7. Paper Mario is hilarious.
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  8. I have just finished the main game of Dark Souls 2 and i think i like it better than the first game? It felt more personal and satisying story wise and eventhough the bosses were hit and miss, i felt like there were some bosses that were really good (Looking Glass Knight, Executioner Chariot, Lost Sinner etc). Onto the dlcs now.

    And if Nashandra would have been a pop girl, she would be an alt pop darkwave goddess.
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  9. I really want Sony to like... Tell us if everyone is getting the $10 psn anniversary credit or not because I really want to buy Divinity Original Sin 2 and Spiderman while they're on sale for the summer sale.
  10. The backstories in the soul series are pretty interesting. Her story is kinda sad. She was frowned upon as a child for being a foreigner but her master took her in and raised her but he was killed by Mitsurugi so she’s after him for killing the only family she knew.

    Sophitia canonically finds Cervantes and soul edge and gives him a good fight by destroying one of his swords but since the evil sword shattered into pieces some of it entered into her. Taki jumps in and kills Cervantes and carries Sophitia on her back returning to Athens.
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    Were the messy stories of V (I think) retconned? With all the descendants, Cassandra stuck in hell etc.
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  12. Yeah, SCVI is a reboot and retells the events of the first game (the first Soul Calibur, not Soul Edge). Thank god for that, SCV was awful. Sophitia's kids did not need to become the new main characters nor did they have to replace half the cast with their own children...

    Hwang is likely to be the final DLC character as data for him was found in the game's code along with Setsuka.
  13. I'm happy Hwang is being added as I really liked his fighting style. There are still enough characters for a third season pass, so it'd be nice to get that. Z.W.E.I., Viola, Rock, Lizardman and Dampierre all have unique fighting styles that aren't in SC6, plus I wouldn't mind a mimic character or another guest, as the ones added to the game so far were actually all great. A fourth season pass for Tekken 7 was recently announced so here's hoping SC6 gets a third.
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  14. I love Soul Calibur so much, I still need to pick up the newest game. Is Sophitia still alive ? Her, Taki and Seong Mi-Na are my faves.
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  15. Almost all the main characters are in the game (if you include the DLC), aside from the new ones from SC5, Hwang (who will be added), Rock and Lizardman. SC6 is basically a new version of the SC1 story, but with characters from SC2-4 too. It's worth it for sure, the best fighting game of the current gen for me.
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    It's quite cheap with the season 1 pass, too, on the PSN store (wish I had a ps4).
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  17. My issue with them is that it was clearly sexist. Why is that all the women minus Ivy were replaced by younger stand ins?. Tekken is notorious for this, even as going far to cryogenic freeze Nina and Anna.

    The soul series revolves around Sophitia and her family basically so for them to kill her off like that was disappointing.
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  18. My new obsession is watching these. How does she do this so fast?!

  19. The Fall Guys is stressing me out so much but I can’t stop playing. The clunky ass controls that seem intentional... why torture us like this
  20. The game is so fun! Granted it's a huge mess right now, they had 120k players this AM which is insane for a new IP that was barely just now announced, so the servers were crashing a ton.

    I hope this opens developers eyes. There's a huge market for original online games, both party style and asymmetrical, and they don't need to be super complex.

    The weirdest thing is that this screams nintendo title, and yet no announcement for the switch.
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