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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Animal Crossing has crushed it. Like, it’s sold 20m+ in 3.5 months. What. It’s going to be the best selling Switch game. It’s going to beat Mario Kart!!! It hasn’t even gone through the holiday season yet!!!!

    Also Pokémon, whew. Third best selling in the franchise. That’ll have a great second holiday season Once the DLC is out.
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  2. Anyone here played Greedfall, is it good? Its now on great discount so I am thinking of buying it.
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  3. Good luck in your search. I bought my current 3DS early last year and remember that even most of the new model special editions were still around list price, but I can only imagine now with the combination of it going out of production and quarantine seemingly driving up the demand on video games and systems in general.
  4. It is great. It's very much in line with BioWare games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so if you like those you'll probably like Greedfall as well.
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  5. Sank 100+ hours into it, so definitely and like @soratami said it's a Bioware-inspired game. Leaning towards Dragon Age 2 but with more expansive locals to explore though.
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  6. Mind you, it has jank to it, but it's also charming.
  7. I’ve found Joy-Con’s motion sensor to be 10x better than the Wiimote seeing as it doesn’t rely on IR, the motion tracking is sensitive enough that it doesn’t need a reference like the Wii sensor bar for the console to work (and means no more warnings about being too far from the TV).
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  8. Just finished The Last of Us Part II. Wonderful game. I don't have the first one very fresh on my mind, but I would say this has most definitely topped it. I was disappointed at first when the developers said the game would focus mainly on Seattle as the primary location, but that has allowed them to have an in depth look at the lives of those belonging to each faction and the evolution of society in the area.
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  9. Looks like a Suicide Squad game with evil Superman/Justice League as the villian.

    I was hoping we might get the Court of Owls game soon, but this could be an interesting substitute.
  10. As a kid I loved watching Games Without Frontiers and always thought that format would work perfectly as a videogame. And all these years later, that's exactly what Fall Guys is. It really is a total blast to play
  11. OMG that show. The memories. When I worked in Development at New Line Television I told them they should do something similar in the US and pit states against each other. At the time there were rumors the show could be coming back.
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  12. Not strictly about games but it fits. Am I able to have more than one external hard drive plugged into my PS4 or do I just need to switch them over depending on what I’m playing?
  13. You can't have more than one external hard drive connected to your PS4 at the same time, no. You'll have to swap between the two, which I imagine shouldn't be very convenient if you're thinking of doing it frequently, given a HDD takes a few minutes to fully load each time. Might be better off just getting a larger one and putting everything there.
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  14. Yeah, that or delete data of games you haven't played in a while.
  15. Thanks for letting me know. There’s a ton on games coming out soon I really want so need the space. I’ll track down a bigger one then to have it all together .
  16. We’re getting both don’t worry, the Court of Owls game is being developed by the same people who did Batman Arkham Origins

    Also the Suicide Squad game is rumoured to be GaaS a la The Avengers
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  17. I think I'll also purchase Fall Guys, it looks like a lot of fun and the colors, whew.

    I'm hoping also that Horizon Zero Dawn will soon be added to Geforce Now, my laptop is barely breathing as it is and the service is working pretty neat, been blasting again through the Tomb Raider trilogy these past few days with no issues.
  18. Minus the server problems Fall Guys is a lot of fun to play
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  19. This looks AMAZING. I no longer fear that Crash 4 will have no original trilogy feel. It seems so fun
  20. Yep, new Crash looks like it’s exactly what the series needed.
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