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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Baraka ‘bout to get them cheeks clapped!
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  2. I've been wondering for a while now, what's the general consensus on Tekken 7? I was so let down by 6 that I decided not to even bother with 7. And all I see is complaints about how the game is being handled now. It's a shame because I've been a massive fan since the first game was released.
  3. Tekken 7 is quite great, it's my second favourite fighting game this gen, after Soul Calibur 6. The combat itself is excellent, the visuals are great, the character customisation options are quite varied and the story, treasure battle and bowling modes are all fun. My only two issues with the game is the individual character stories unfortunately really aren't as interesting or memorable as they were in the previous games, and a good number of the DLC characters have been just terrible. It's definitely worth getting if you're a fan of the series (but personally I think Soul Calibur 6 is better in pretty much every way, so if you're just looking for a fighting game, I'd get that instead).
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  5. I know it's just perspective, but that is a massive plastic husk of a thing.
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  6. And when you watch the video and realise how big the heat sink and fans are the size is actually alright
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  7. That Need for Speed game on PSN this month? It's dire. Every car is an understeery ball of awful, Controls are terrible and 240 km/h feels like 60.

    And that's without mentioning the 'plot'.
  8. It looks like an air conditioning unit

    I thought computers were meant to be getting smaller?
  9. Have you seen that new nvidia graphics card?
  10. Look at the SIZE of that thing
  11. Kombat kontinues...

    Okay, rumours are that

    Rambo, Rain, and Mileena.

    will be announced.
  12. Microsoft clapping back* re: PS5's stand needing unscrewed to turn it horizontal.

    *Which is ill-advised given that the Series X has that ugly stand of its own you can't remove, but we stan some console wars messery!

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  13. Microsoft's attempts at being shady towards Sony are honestly the most embarrassing and cringeworthy thing ever.
  14. The PS5 looks nice on its side, the Xbox however...
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  15. He


    The XBOX looks like it just fell.
  16. It's a bit pathetic no?
    It's trying to refer back to the PlayStation 4 'how to share games' video from when Xbox one had that awful DRM, but while a lot of people share games', how many frequently rotate their console?
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  17. LTG


    Did Xbox delete? A mess
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  18. I'm following up 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (GOTY material, tbh) with Dragon's Crown Pro, and um...

    the breasts, muffy, the breasts!

  19. LTG


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