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General Video Games discussion

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Cyberpunk has the girls SHOOK

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  2. They should cancel it.
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  3. Anything related Joannah TransphobiK Rowling in 2021?

    Bin it.
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  4. Speaking of Cyberpunk

    They made a video sort of just apologizing and committing to fix their game, with the cofounder taking responsibility and saying not to blame the devs (like yeah gurl, we get it, you forced your devs into crunch to try to put this out and it wasn't ready and you pulled the trigger anyways - we all know its your fault, so, at least you admit it!) . They very vaguely roadmapped that they still want to do two big patches the next couple months, then it looks like maybe DLC in summer/fall, and the Next Gen console update versions in the last half of the year as well.
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  5. Case 3 of Spirit of Justice mmmm there are some points it has made.

    a suicide to frame Maya was a very clever use of the Divination Seance plot device
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  6. I got 120 stars with Mario and then was thinking of doing 100% (because I enjoyed it so much) but then got bored with the Luigi mechanics and playing near identical stages. Is there any big differences eventually?

    Maybe once I get bored of Animal Crossing, l'll go back to Galaxy.
  7. To be honest, I think the DLC should be delayed until the previous Gen console versions are good and the current Gen console version is finished.

    I can’t imagine this won’t be a big undertaking so I might as well let the game gather dust until the current Gen upgrade version is ready and play it then.
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  8. I hate that Nintendo has its own thread and we’re repeating conversations across both of them. Same videos, same complaining about Nintendo’s shady business. . . Can we please get Nintendo rolled into this thread?
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  9. I think Nintendo generates too much discussion on its own for it to be lumped in here. If we could get a mod to move posts or consolidate the discussions that's fine but there are plenty of users in this thread who either don't have a Switch or don't participate in the discussions of the major Nintendo properties that fill so much of that thread: if anything we could splinter off different Nintendo properties into their own threads since Animal Crossing and Zelda have their own threads.
  10. I still think a separate video games section is a good idea, it’s not as niche as it once was and this place has a TV/Movies section, despite the fact it could also slot nicely in “Off Topic”.
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  11. We absolutely do not need the Nintendo thread. Its fine here.

    The Animal Crossing thread is kind of the whole point of splitting them considering it has over 500 pages in one year.
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  12. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Hello! We had a brief conversation and we agreed that there's enough of a discussion about Nintendo and all its content to keep it a separate thread.

    We'll mostly just ask people to post about Nintendo stuff in the Nintendo thread, and keep this one for a general discussion. A reminder that if you notice anything else generates a lot of discussion to the point of overwhelming this thread, there's always the possibility of opening a new one, being reasonable, as the Off Topic section is genuinely meant for this.

    Re a separate section for Video Games: most like everything else, we have to rely on Peter's presence as well as the server change for that to happen, but we'll write this down as a suggestion for when the time comes and we'll discuss whether to open said section or not. Thank you!
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  13. How do we not need a Nintendo thread when the Switch became popular enough on here to warrant a separate thread for Animal Crossing and the resurgence of the Zelda thread after Breath of the Wild came out?

    I personally don't care to read about all of the various Mario games or the friendly content that tends to clog up the Nintendo pipeline. Keeping them separate allows for more space for discussion of ciggy games like Persona 5 and The Last of Us. If we get rid of the Nintendo thread then I think there should at least be a Mario thread created for distinction.
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  14. Looking at it from a different angle, if there are already dedicated Zelda, Pokémon, and Animal Crossing threads, literally what purpose does a separate Nintendo thread serve that this one doesn't as well? Mario and other smaller Nintendo IPs get as much as, if not less, discussion in this thread than the likes of Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, assorted Playstation exclusives, etc, so I'm not sure why there's a need for them to be moved to a different thread. I mean, I could agree with there being a separate Mario thread (though let's be real, it'd be pretty dead 90% of the time), but a separate thread for people to talk about Nintendo in general makes 0 sense, especially when all the most popular Nintendo IPs on PJ already have their own threads.
  15. This is my biggest issue. This is a general video game thread, I think what’s left outside of the specific franchises that already have separate threads falls into general discussion of video games. I think restricting Nintendo chat in the general thread will make for a less interesting/varied discussion of games.
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  16. The Nintendo thread works given they largely don't have the same games as other systems and keeps it so that we can have a little more varied discussion here about smaller games or AAA games or stuff like the Cyberpunk drama. I get that something like an Xbox thread would be silly given all of 5 people on here have one but the Switch is the dominant console right now (at least until PS5/Series X's are more readily available) and its nice to give it its own space.

    but then this thread is lovely in terms of respecting each other's tastes anyways and its not like we're petty console war people so it wouldn't be any worse merging it back in I'd imagine
  17. For me it's more about how these discussions take place and progress. Most of the conversations around Nintendo exist in more of a 'bubble' than the conversations around the IPs you mentioned: I see a lot more people around Nintendo exclusively discussing certain Nintendo IPs whereas the people who are involved in discussion of Mortal Kombat or Tomb Raider tend to engage in other IPs as well. Nintendo for whatever reason feels more insular than other properties: for example, there tend to be "I really liked (insert game), what else is similar?" to non-Nintendo discussions whereas Nintendo discussions always revolve around the same IPs.
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  18. The Nintendo thread is floundering on 2 pages and we've been using this one fine for... years. Without Pokemon, Zelda and Animal Crossing (two of which involve so much multiplayer that they're kind of necessary) there's barely anything to even talk about
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  19. The Nintendo thread hasn't even been around for two months yet.
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  20. Exactly. They've hardly been so prolific that its overtaken this thread. The whole argument that all their games are family based and Nintendo fans don't cross over into other IPs is... weird.
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