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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I finished Berseria last night and I gotta say even though it was a bit of a bumpy ride at the beginning once it got going the game never really let up. It has some of the strongest interpersonal growth between the party members of any recent JRPG I’ve played, and the combat felt brisk and challenging without being overwhelming the whole way through. Shout out to Eizen who I benched for the first half of the game only to make him a mainstay for the second half: he was basically essential for how multifaceted his abilities could be. I’m excited to go back and complete the side content as I only did a small portion of it throughout the main game.
  2. The Last of Us Part II is one of the best games I've ever played.

    People were really freaking out over Lev being trans? Are you kidding me???

    I definitely hated Abby less by the end of the game. She turned out to be a great, well-rounded character.
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  3. I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that Cole in Dragon Age Inquisition is voiced by James Norton?!
    For real? The hot priest from Grantchester is Cole?
  4. I've just 'played' Until Dawn that was given to me as a stocking filler and I went in expecting some sort of Miss Clementine from The Walking Dead clone and instead got, well, the less said the better.

    Awful controls, horrendous storyline, diabolical voice acting, and the talismans you collect making no difference to anything whatsoever.
  5. Ah, ok. I guess I'll play it in ten years time when I finally get a PS5 haha

    I watched it on Youtube because I thought I needed 100% completion to get it. It was only after I watched it that I realised it wasn't the case haha! Great little scene, makes me even more excited for the next one.
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  6. The right trigger on my PS5 controller is already faulty... I got it on launch day and it's already broken, great.
    If I simply rest my finger on it when i'm playing, it activates at the slightest touch.

    Apparently some other people are having the same thing happen to them. I really don't want to have to pay like $12 to ship it out to Sony. And i'm certainly not going to buy another only for it to happen again in like 2 months.
  7. Not the moon falling on me right when I realize what I’m supposed to do
  8. I've completed Super Mario Odyssey and it was good. I'm not a big fan of the franchise but overall it was really cute, from the worlds to the minigames and the constumes.
    Now I have to beat Fenyx and Dragon Quest XI S (which will take months ddd). Oh, and I'm super hyped for Little Nightmares 2 next month.
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  9. Speaking of Tomb Raider, I've finished "Rise" when it just came out together with my brother's wife, since she's a fan. As they gave out "Shadow" for free on PS+, I decided to replay "Rise" and platinum it as well, if possible. I have to say, the main gameplay loop of discovering relics/gathering materials and fighting and completing the tombs is so addictive.
  10. This should be a thing within the games at this point. Let me watch my jrpgs.
  11. Urgh, everything about the final boss battle of Dragon Age Inquisition is perfect. The setting, the dragons fighting in the background, the banter.

    Vivienne being a cold hearted bitch to the very end
    "You are a relic, best forgotten"

    One Hit KO power.
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  12. People were actually hating on Abby for being 'trans' after the initial scene of her killing Joel leaked alongside info that a trans character would be in the game.

    Unfortunately, that hate carried over into the games launch, despite everyone involved confirming Abby was not a trans character and was never written as one.

    This didn't stop the hate brigade against the game, as people either complained about a trans storyline being 'shoved down their throats' by 'woke SJW Neil Cuckman', or they piled on transphobic remarks about Abby's 'impossible' built physique and 'clearly' male body.

    All in all, the scum who were determined to hate the game used any excuse they could to do so, even when the facts disproved their theories.
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  13. Uno


    Does anyone have any suggestions for a couch co-op game on the Switch? My boyfriend and I are looking for something to play together.

    Times like this make me miss Portal. They should really be making a new one!
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  14. Beat the main story of Yakuza: Like A Dragon last week and... fuck. What a great game.

    Just a superb JRPG that feels so much more lively and fresh than a lot of anything else in the genre currently. The story is so sincere and powerful (and such a nice change from your standard Kill God as a high schooler plot), but also is one of the legitimately funniest, silliest games I've played. Really a spectacular game all around, especially for the first time they were trying the turn-based format.

    For a sequel, there are definitely some QoL updates they could make (changing jobs is a little bit of a hassle, the main story sort of rail roads you into doing two optional dungeons at specific points to force you to level up enough to take on some very specific enemy level spikes, sometimes in battle it's a bit messy with the movement), but I really hope they continue down this path in the future.
  15. Have you tried Overcooked?
  16. Uno


    Yes! I love it. Probably my favorite game at the moment.
  17. This list has a bunch of suggestions - I can only vouch for a few, but Mario + Rabbids is very good, Rayman Legends is one of the best platformers I've ever played, the BOXBOY! games are great if you like puzzles (I haven't played the one on this list), and Luigi's Mansion 3 was great as a solo experience, and it sounds like the co-op holds up too.

    Unrelated: anyone planning on picking up Cyber Shadow? It releases tomorrow, and as a huge fan of Shovel Knight (same publisher) and The Messenger (similar concept), it looks like a shoot.

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  18. I haven't played this myself, but if you like Overcooked I think Moving Out is a very similar experience. I've been wanting to get it as well
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  19. I finally finished Red Dead Redemption 2 and my feelings.

    It is probably my favorite game ever.
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  20. I am nearly done as well, I finished Epilogue 1. Such an amazing game, the story and its characters really draw you in and thinking about the ending of RDR1 makes everything even more heartbreaking.
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