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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. He


    Yes, I clocked that!
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  2. I’m pleasantly surprised and impressed by that! Hopefully it’ll be high adrenaline and thrilling.
  3. Update: The game absolutely tries its hardest to make you a horny perv, but you're (usually) given the option to not be one. That's good, too, because the cast of your party is pretty endearing, and you don't have to try and fully romance them if you don't want to. And the plot itself is pretty cute slice-of-life stuff between some of the bigger story beats.

    It's overall pretty fine, and short, since I'm almost done with it. I do wonder if I'd be way more involved if I had played the earlier pre-reboot ones.

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  6. This looks... good? Where's Kitana though?
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  7. I just got a ps5 for my bday, it was pretty easy on Best Buy. Still have a few days to cancel before pick up in case I regret the purchase.

    I am thinking of returning my ps4 to gamespot and use those funds for an extra controller and game
  8. What are good accounts to follow to stay up to date on PS5 restocks? Most of what I'm finding is clickbait.
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  9. Dota 2 gets its anime and I'm hyped! My baby Mirana getting a Golden Globe, who knew.

  10. Just use Wario64 on twitter. He posts about a lot of stuff, but so the other accounts
  11. My wig is kind of gone with that Diablo 2 Switch port...
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  12. Overwatch 2 looks excellent. It’s a shame we don’t have a concrete release date yet but what they’re developing so far looks like a combination of Borderlands, Left 4 Dead with all their best aspects. Overwatch does have one of the best lores and character designs I’ve seen ever in any games so to see them actually come to life with proper story mode is! The flavour.
  13. I don't remember the other two, but The Lost Vikings is my childhood, I feel like a kid again

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  14. Not me replaying Diablo 2 for another 1000 hours. Now in HD.
  15. I never could play 2 because my PC was too weak so I am glad they are doing this.
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  16. So I bought Fallout 76 and it’s not atrocious at all, color me shocked. I literally had a guy the other night over audio tell me I was lucky I just started playing especially with the recent updates this past year ddddd

    Also the graphics are a huge improvement over 4 and the expanded mechanics of building your camp is even better than the settlement shit.
  17. Uuuh it looks pretty good, I am loving Rouge's moves

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  18. Just dropping by to say I am a clown for sleeping on Control for as long as I did. Not just a "What a game!" moment, but a "What an experience!" one. Download it while it's still free through PS+, if you haven't already played it. It's a fantastic showcase for PS5, too. I can't even imagine playing it on PS4 capped at 30 FPS.

    It's also got an almost-perfect cadence in terms of how the main game progresses. Just enough balance of linearity and freedom/downtime, and no unnecessary padding to the length. I wish more games would land in that sweet spot of 15-20 hours.
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  19. I’m still not ever Ashtray Mazy sequence. What a jaw-dropping, straight up dazzling display of immense talent of development team. Thrilling.
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