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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The way I regretted not popping a gummy before that sequence.
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  2. Xenoqueers: how long is future connected? I’m on my last grind sesh before final boss time and want to start planning how long that will take. And then to satisfy the multitude of y’all in here I will start Persona 5 Royal.
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  3. Mmm I’d say it’s a good 10 hours, 15 if you want to do everything 100%.
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  4. okay that’s not that bad.
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  5. I swear I praised Control over and over in this thread when it came out, glad you all finally got around to experiencing its greatness!
  6. I am replaying Final Fantasy X right now on The Switch. It's a bit easy but everything about the game's presentation and world is just so beautiful. I love the South Asian geography and architecture, the music is probably only rivaled by Chrono Cross, and the world is so lived in and rich with texture and life. The story is also very unique and layered.
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  7. I'm finally downloading Persona 5 Strikers!! Can't wait to be completely useless for some weeks.
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  8. Oh, it's out! Guess it's time to wait for an inevitable sale, dddd.
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  9. So Paradox just fired the entire Bloodlines 2 dev studio and the game is now being worked on by a completely new studio, with pre-orders being completely halted and an announcement that the game won't release until 2022 at a minimum. Eep.
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  10. Mess. I already was apprehensive when the lead writer of the first game was fired. This doesn't bode well for the game and I was so perched for it.
  11. What is going on with Crash 4 on the Switch? Why cant we preorder physical copy in the Europe when its avaible in the US? The release date is the same for Europe and US so what gives?
  12. I want to get Persona 5 Strikers, but on the other hand I want Bravely Default II even more, and it feels a bit too much to get two new games in one week...

  13. Ready for that Outriders demo on Thursday.
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  14. I wouldn't worry Europe often get later pre orders than US. For example the Zelda joy-cons.
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  15. Well...


  16. As I said, I adore FFX but there are two things I don't care for:

    • Cloister of Trials: They are not completely terrible but I find the puzzles to be pretty dry. Good thing these don't comprise too much of the game.
    • Blitzball: I see what they were going for but it's not very fun. I was emotionally invested in beating the Goers but that was mostly for story reasons.

    Yuna and Tidus's voice acting is pretty hit and miss but the rest of the cast is very good.
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  17. Persona 5 Strikers is installed and I am ready

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  18. on the day I'm getting my ps5. this pleases me and my homegirl
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  19. I tend to just sit my phone on my lap and play a walkthrough for the trials whilst I copy exactly what they do to get it over with as quickly as possible. The puzzles are so ridiculously bland, who can be arsed?

    As I said in the Square Enix thread though, FFX really is the one for me for all the reasons you mentioned. It’s just such a wonderful, rich and colourful story. I’m also replaying on switch and currently at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth having a blast.
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