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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I'm currently in the Hospital (the third section) and it's way harder than the first game. Maybe I'm just rubbish, but I've had to restart certain sections multiple times. The graphics, design and mood are spot on though.
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  2. I'm currently at the start of the last chapter. I didn't find the teacher's chapter particularly terrifying, but the hospital one was a bit scary with all those dark areas. I'm curious to know how the last one is going to be.
    P.s. I love it!
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  3. I was in the Hospital bit last night and it was all a bit too much @AceReject @dontkillmyvibe ! It does seem to get a bit harder as it's going along but yeah the whole mood of it is really great.
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  4. Yeah, The Hospital is pretty hard. And I suck at using the torch ddd.
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  6. Nice, hopefully we'll get some news about Tales of Arise too.
  7. Final Fantasy X was...annoying me last night:

    First of all, it's absurd that they make you go through that stupid egg hunt where you get hit by crystals coming up through the ground (it's right before the final boss fight) and then don't even give you a save point before taking on Braska's Final Aeon. And damn, that fight is kicking my ass this time whereas I beat it first try on my other playthroughs. No grind playthroughs don't really jive with this game. It makes the end-game too hard. I'm probably going to grind and farm some megapotions.
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  8. I might sound braggy here but I found the FFX endgame bosses to be laughably easy even without much grinding, especially compared to some other bosses before it. You can't even die in one of the end battles. I mean, WHY.

    All you really need is a decent healer, someone to use Al Bhed potions and someone to deal damage.
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  9. I actually like that you can't die to Yu Yevon. After fighting Braska's Final Aeon, I kind of just want to relax and watch the end credits TBH.
  10. Meh, it takes away the "all or nothing" element away for me. You should feel danger fighting the real enemy that started it all.
  11. Every X playthrough I end up grinding on the walkway in Bevelle right before the Seymour fight. The soldiers give hugely disproportionate experience in relation to the minimal effort it takes to defeat them, and about an hour of that is enough to set me up perfectly for the rest of the game.
  12. that and Home are the sweet spots for me. Obviously in the latter you don’t have Yuna but I always grind with her to the extent shes never underwhelming.
  13. BTG


    Mm, dare I replay X for the millionth time and grind so hard that my sphere grid is positively incestuous? I think I might.
  14. I agree, the final battle with Yu Yevon is very underwhelming both story and gameplay wise. Probably my only real complain about the story.
  15. I love the experienced grid where you can easily veer off from a white mage to a thief and not know it.
  16. I personally never had a problem with the final fight with the Space Tick but like, I could see issues with it?
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  17. Oh interesting! I loved the Raidou games (I still have the Raiho plushie than came with the second nn) so this has definitely piqued my interest a lot more. I'm not the biggest fan of Dynasty Warriors games.
  18. Somehow have lost everything but the disc from my Raidou 2 special edition. Urgh!!

    But yes! The setups are pretty similar, you get to explore the dungeons/areas, and then enemies on the field will spawn a closed off arena sort of thing that you fight a mix of Personas and some mindless trash mob types. You get to build Persona builds and time stops when you want to cast a spell. The battles themselves (so far at least) aren't endless waves too often either, and there's a lot of SP management and weakness exploits.

    It just feels as though a more streamlined, Musou-combo-inspired battle system was plopped in.
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  19. I beat Final Fantasy X. Man, they reward the hell out of the player for beating the game. The final cutscenes are extremely moving. I love the game's feminine energy. Everything's just so pretty and delicate.
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  20. Heyyo, is there anyone who plays Legends of Runeterra? I've been really into it recently and they have a huge expansion coming out today too.
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