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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. So I’m finally coming to the end of Divinity 2 and it’s been incredible. To be honest it’s the first time in a really long time (basically since Pokemon) that I’ve played and enjoyed turn-based combat.

    I was wondering if GameJustice could give me a few suggestions about some good turn-based games. Especially JRPGs as I’ve not played any at all.

    Stuff I like:
    • Build diversity
    • Magic skills (i.e. not just melee)
    • Positioning (i.e. being able to be tactical with where I place characters)
    Stuff I’m not so hot on:
    • Long cutscenes
    • Too much inventory management (I don’t mind it if I can just pick up and sell everything, and buy the shit I need from traders, but I haaaate searching for items or battling restrictive inventory space)
    Any suggestions?
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  2. I can't think of any game that fits all those criteria, but maybe you'd like Yakuza: Like A Dragon? A great turn-based JRPG with a realistic setting/style and a job system that allows you to build the characters in different ways. It does have long cutscenes though, but they're worth it because the story/characters are fantastic.
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  3. I finally gave in and purchased AC Valhalla and my first impressions after the first two hours are very positive (I am enjoying it more than Odyssey so far) but the game feels very crunchy and unpolished. Also the camera zoom out during combat is my biggest criticism so far, it really ruins the immersion.
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  4. DBD is so much fun and satisfying as either killer or survivor! I hated it when i played on ps4 a year or so ago but loving it on PC, to the point it might be one fo my favorite games now. Not sure if you found your answer already, but the Special Edition just has all of the main DBD stuff, you have to get all of the other DLC separately. Here’s a specific list of what the Special Edition comes with:
    • All main Killer and Survivors together with main Maps
    • Killer: The Hag
    • Killer: The Doctor
    • Survivor: Ace Visconti
    • Survivor: Feng Min
    • Killer Outfits
    • Survivor Outfits
    • Map: Léry’s Memorial Institute
    • Map: Backwater Swamp
    Honestly, you don’t need all the DLC just yet (Unless they’re on sale and you really want to! Which they might be since a new chapter may come out this week - tomorrow even?), since you usually level up a killer or survivor to max to get their teachable perks, then move on to a new survivor/killer or prestige, so if you don’t want to spend too much money buying them all at once you can just go by chapter and see what perks they have to offer, then prioritize that way. There’s a lot of DLC outside of SE.
  5. Currently playing Ghost of Tsushima for the first time and am really enjoying it despite not being the biggest fan of open world games.

    Also completed Life is Strange season 2 which was great! I preferred it to the first season and found myself more attached to the brothers!
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  6. Thanks. I don’t necessarily need something that fits every single thing I’m looking for - it was more some thoughts on things I’d like more or less of.

    I kinda swerved on Like A Dragon because I saw some videos and wasn’t that interested, but I’ll take a look again.

    Kinda tempted by Octopath Traveller, although I know that doesn’t fit a lot of what I said!
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  7. Confirmed:
  8. Cyberpunk released their long awaited update and the patch note is humongous. Did anyone play it here, any opinions? I still really want to try it out but I only have base PS4.
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  9. Oh god, time to save up to buy all the games I wanted for Vita and PS3 (which I don't even have, dddd).
  10. It's a bit odd they're just lumping the Vita with the PS3/PSP when it's much more recent than the other two, and still gets the odd new game, so it must still have a player base, even if small.
  11. That and Bravely Default 2 would be good picks too, they definitely offer a lot of variety in terms of how you can build your characters, the latter probably more so than any other recent JRPG I can think of. Persona 5 Royal is good too, I imagine you'd like the whole Persona fusion system, which is very engaging and in-depth. Dragon Quest XI also offers some freedom in how you can develop your characters too, and it's just a great game overall. You might like Battle Chasers: Nightwar too, it's not a JRPG but it has great turn based combat, gives you a lot of room to customise your characters, and it definitely doesn't have any long cutscenes.
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  12. Okay, I take this back. I don’t think I have ever played such a buggy game in my life and I don’t remember Origins or Odyssey having these issues or being so... unstable. Everything is choppy, textures pop in constantly and the music/sound is flat out broken. I am playing actual cutscenes and combat sequences mostly in silence and it makes scenes which are meant to be climatic feel so flat. It seems very poorly optimised for base PS4.
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  13. I am installing this at the moment and cannot wait to play, it looks so good.
  14. I've never known how hyper-sexualized most of the female characters in "Dragon's Crown" are. It's so overt, it's actually off-putting. For instance, most of the levels have you see a half-nude woman or female creature who is barely-covered on your way to the boss. And they don't even serve much purpose most of the times. Even a mail-clad warrior was moaning in her skin-tight armor with her legs sprawled open, I... And the actual artwork is actually stunning. It's just a very drastic change of tone from, say, "Odin Sphere", which was very tame.

    Still digging the game though.
  15. Thank you so much for the info. So I got the Special Edition and also the Ghostface expansion (as it had gone down a bit more to just under £3) and the Huntress (I think?) which was free.

    Although for some reason it's not letting me play the main game. All it's letting me do is the tutorials, which is a bit strange.
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  16. Where are you playing?
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  17. Dead by Daylight. I've played through both of the tutorials twice and read all the manual information, but all the other options have remained locked.
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  18. Is it fully installed yet?
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  19. Do you have Playstation Plus?
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  20. I meant what platform haha. I play on both Playstation and switch, so wanted to help
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