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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. I thought it was, but now you've said that, let me check. Because I had this same issue with Shadow of the Tomb Raider when I thought it had completely downloaded.

    Oh, I did wonder when I was writing my reply haha! I'm playing it on PS4.

    I do, I got it today.
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  2. It would be fun to play with PJ peeps at some point. I only really play survivor, but I'm pretty advanced as I've been playing for almost 3 years, it's been my favorite game for a while
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  3. I would definitely be up for that. I would, of course, be awful haha - but now that I've got PS Plus, I want to make the most of it.
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  4. I have it on both PS4 and PC but mainly play on PC, I think that's weird you're locked in a tutorial though! Google searches are telling me it's still downloading as @KamikazeHeart mentioned. Also, Ghostie and Huntress are my two fave killers, hope you have fun with them!

    The bugs are SO bad when they happen and right after a big battle the game crashed for me, so I decided to play through Origins and Odyssey until they iron it out. So disappointing! But I want the full context for present day anyways, so that's a silver lining I guess!

    I play on PC and it was never game breaking stuff, I noticed MUCH worse on other games, but I know it was pretty bad on consoles. I booted it up after the patch and they made a lot of QOL changes I'm happy about!

    Edited because I quoted the wrong thing hjdssfk....I need to stop posting at work. If its anyone's first time reading this, if I said I made a mistake no I didn't <3
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  5. Dead By Daylight is the funniest game to play with friends!
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  6. I thought I was the only DBD fan on this forum and yet ...

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  7. I haven’t played Dead by Daylight before but I’ve got it cause it was free on PS+ one month, would be up for playing it with popjustice hunties
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  8. Dead By Daylight is very fun and there is a huge LGBT+ following for the game.
  9. Been putting a LOT of hours into Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 on Switch...

    It's easily the most mediocre/cashgrabby of the Xtreme series (the lack of a licensed soundtrack is the #1 offender for me), but it still succeeds at being one of the few games on the market that really simulates a good tropical vacation, and in times like these it's really scratching my travel/R&R itch.

    And the volleyball is still good.
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  10. Trying to buy a Playstation 5 really is a goddamn mission. Stocks are supposedly going to improve in the second half 2021 but patience is a trait I do not possess!!!
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  11. The best tip I have for snagging a PS5 if you’re UK based is downloading discord, joining the StockInformer channel and setting up alerts.

    I’ve managed to get two this way, one for myself on launch day and another for a friend whilst he was at work in the lab and couldn’t access it himself in January!
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  12. Thank you! I downloaded HotStock (and even paid £4.99 for premium as they get notified instantly and before free users) and it’s meant to scan all major retailers for restocks (I feel like a scalper, gross). I can’t imagine them restocking over Easter though so I guess it will be next week at the earliest.
  13. I quite enjoy League of Legends: Wild Rift.

    Not a 100 clicks to move, just seamless. It takes all the good from League of Legends and leaves the insane meta stuff, some broken champs aren't in there (yet), nobody flaming and all and it's very gamified with rewards. Anyone else playing in EU?
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  14. So yeah, in the end I checked in the notifications and I still had 2 hours worth of downloading to complete haha! Wish I'd checked that before I turned off my Playstation. But managed to download the rest and played one game with Ghostface before heading to bed. This game is sooooo much fun, I'm already obsessed.
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  15. Yeah, I wish they left in the jetskiing races from DOAX2 just for variety, and the cuts to the roster feel unnecessary.

    I also just find the differentiation between Girl and Owner mode somewhat obtuse and confusing? It feels really odd and I never felt like I was making progress in either mode despite having played the first two games a lot.

    I wonder how the browser-based free to play version of DOAX is? Apparently it was successful enough to the point they just didn't really do much to support the Switch and PS4 versions.
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  16. 11/10 Sonic's anniversary SAVED

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  17. I had my time with venus vacation but it’s just pointless clicking and titillation with no real gameplay. Some of the exclusive girls are cool though and I hope they come back in the next console iteration (hopefully)
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  18. Love when I look up from my Switch and realize I just silently mined ores for 3 hours in Monster Hunter Rise in what feels like a blink of an eye!
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  19. I too, am ready to embark a journey on Monster Hunting™️ (arriving next week) because one of my straight friends made me buy it dd. It's going to be my first Monster Hunter game and... I'm ready to lose 100 hours of my life again!

  20. I’ve been grinding through the end game of FFX for a few weeks now. I’ve never really bothered with stat maxing before but thought I’d give it a try so I can tackle the dark aeons and Penance and god it’s so boring. All my characters bar Kimahri have at least half of the sphere grid covered by now and I still have to suffer through blitzball... Ew.
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