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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Some of you have clearly never blasted through the Blitzball leagues with an iconic all-female team and it shows.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Just begun Divinity Original Sin II. Picked Lohse and Battlemage as her class. So far I love it.
    I adore the narrator. Perfect balance of fantasy and humour so far.
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  3. Pfdsgdd not a fucking Lego game getting the FFXV-treatment of endless delays
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  4. It is brutally boring, especially the Luck and Fortune sphere grinding. I think I only have Wakka with a fully filled in Sphere Grid and the fact that I need to defeat those two monster so many times to get the others to the same place... excruciating.
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  5. I would honestly only bother with maxing Rikku, Tidus and Wakka and invest in Yuna where needed. Lulu, Auron an Kimahri have little use.
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  6. So I think I just had sex with Fane in Divinity. I'm not sure how it worked, but hey ho.
  7. I'm Drunk by Daylight

  8. I just started playing Dead By Daylight because all my coworkers were into it. It’s fun but god, the screams I let out while playing it... my poor neighbors.
  9. I finished Secret of Mana a few days ago and loved every minute of it. The image of them stood before the Mana Tree, so beautiful. I really didn't want it to end! I told myself I would take a break before starting Trials but I couldn't help myself and I've gone in with Duran, Reisz and Charlotte.
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  10. I couldn't really get into Secret of Mana (I think it was a bit too old school for me) but I liked Trials a lot, it felt like a big improvement to me. By the way, I think you're better off picking your protagonist and first companion out of the two characters that share the same story path (so Duran/Angela, Kevin/Charlotte and Hawkeye/Riesz), the story is a bit more fleshed out that way.
  11. I don’t know where Nintendo gets their batteries, but I’ve just turned on my Nintendo DS Lite that hasn’t been charged in about 3 years and it still had charge!
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  12. Ah, I wasn't sure how integral to the story pairs were. Like, when you boot up the game it greets you with a character choice screen with very little explanation! I guess translating manuals was out of the question considering this was it's first outing outside of Japan. I do have the remake waiting in the wings so I'll pick smarter for that playthrough.
  13. Oh I thought you were talking about the remakes! I haven't played the originals, don't know if the pairs actually make a difference there.
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  14. I want to continue my 50 JRPG mission but I've been too depressed to play video games for the last few weeks.
  15. Queens I am exhausted. I have live notifications on Discord, Twitter and paid for a subscription on HotStock to get instant alerts. Still nothing. Xbox Series X was restocked by John Lewis last night and stock lasted whopping 30 seconds!! These consoles are cursed.



    Yes I just purchased this card from Smyths so that my credit card details would be saved on site for a faster check out. I am losing my sanity.


    It's my boyfriend's birthday on the 15th maybe I will give it to him
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  16. All these years of training by obtaining front row concert tickets... and I've been outsmarted by scalpers for months now. Humiliating.
  17. It's maddening. I was digging through old articles about PS4 and they had similar issues with stock shortages but they were mostly resolved by March 2014 (after it first shipped in November 2013) whereas it seems like there's no end in sight for PS5 because of the microchip issue. I am however encouraged to see resale prices declining quite fast which will hopefully put off scalpers soon...
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  18. JL has been getting such small allocations I wouldn’t even bother ddd.
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  19. Yeah, it seems like it. Smyths just restocked Xbox Series X and stock actually lasted five minutes, which is the longest I've seen in a while (why is Xbox getting all the drops all of a sudden with nothing from Miss Sony). I wonder if actual shops will stock them once retail reopens after 12 April or if they will continue to push them exclusively online?
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  20. The original version of Trials on the Mana Collection plays SO much better than Secret of Mana in just about every way, so if you enjoyed Secret you'll likely love it. They just improved about all aspects of the game itself. The story is... the story, but I had such a better time playing through Trials after finishing Secret last year.
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