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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Divinity Original Sin 2 is proving to be well worth the money. There is so much to do in this game. The characters are all so fun (along with Lohse I have the Red Prince, Fane and Ifan) and their quests really bring the world to life. I am getting used to the combat and abilities. I find the Red Prince as a warrior to be a total tank who can also deal massive damage. Ifan with a crossbow also destroys everything.
    The added element of your choices influencing the game is great fun too.
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  2. As fate would have it, I was finally able to order a PS5 last night and it was delivered today.


    Maybe I'll call in sick to work for a couple of days.
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  3. Hadn't heard of this game before but apparently it's been in Early Access for a couple of years and is coming out officially this year. Looks pretty amazing? And has music by the Xenoblade/Chrono Trigger composer:

    ...tentative wig? JRPG Hunties might be perched for this one.
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  4. I feel like I first heard of that game like 7 years ago so it's nice it's finally getting released. It looks pretty impressive, especially for a game made by a small indie studio. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Info about the changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. They're really putting a lot of work into this, it's definitely a lot more than a simple remaster. ME2 and ME3 were pretty much already flawless anyway, but the first game really looks like it's going to be a way more enjoyable gameplay experience now.
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  6. Am I seeing a Wild Arms 4&5 grid-based battle system?

    Slightly perched.
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  7. I am so happy for you, well done boo! Meanwhile there’s still been no drops in the U.K. since 30 March...
  8. I talked to someone local on classifieds and I might bite the bullet and buy a PS5 from him for 599€.
    Am I stupid? Yes. Do I save blood, sweat, tears (nevermind shipping costs) and time by paying a premium? Indeed. Working full-time in an essential sector, I just don't have the means i.e. time to be checking my phone for restocks constantly and I don't think this situation's gonna get any better this year. Predictions say it oculd go on till mid-2022.
  9. I would advise you against this, honestly. I considered it too for a while but you could potentially have trouble with the warranty if your console breaks or doesn't work as intended and there's always a risk of being scammed. Plus the fewer people buy from scalpers the sooner we will all be able to buy them as normal.
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  10. You are right. I need to train my instant gratification self into having a bit of patience.
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  11. Please don’t do this! As someone who just kinda caved and decided I wanted a series x (out of sheer boredom), you can definitely wait. There’s just not a lot for either consoles at the moment that I would deem essential playing. Save your money and get it for RRP!
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  12. Has anyone played Spiritfarer? Just heard about it today, and looks lovely. Wondering how it plays on the Switch
  13. Yup, as long as they keep making top tier games for Xbox One there's no need for me to upgrade.

    I've decided that when I do, I'm skipping the 512GB limiting Series S and going X.
  14. Had my first horrible message sent to me while playing Dead By Daylight today. I'd actually forgotten that was a thing, so I should have changed my settings really. It's kind of put me off playing, which I know is silly, but had been having such a good time with the game.
  15. I think it's a game that's not for everyone. I played it for maybe seven hours and then, frankly, just felt like it was tedious and boring. And I didn't seem to find the dialogues as charming as some claimed they were.

    It's gorgeous, though. I'll give it that.
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  16. Yeah, I've heard the community is dreadful, but I'm completely oblivious to it playing on the playstation.
  17. I’m like half sad, half happy Deathloop has been pushed back to September now. My wallet has breathed a sigh of relief and I can give Returnal and Resi8 more of my attention.
  18. Well that's 20% of every PS direct from now till September sorted then. Can't wait to hear about that game for the nth time.
  19. Rob


    So Sony is heavily rumoured to be remaking The Last of Us, despite the fact that it's only a few years old and is readily available on PS3, PS4 and PS5?

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