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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. Of all the games....

    The Jak & Daxter franchise is right there, Sony!
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  2. New No More Heroes 3 trailer!

    Giiiiiive it to meeeee!
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  3. Would anyone want to play It Takes Two with me online (ps5, maybe PS4 as well?). I didn’t realise it’s co-op play only and I have nobody to play with... apparently you don’t need a copy but I really don’t know how it works.
  4. I'm playing Jedi Fallen Order at the moment, despite not really being a Dark Souls or Star Wars fan and it's kinda cute? I'm only on the third world, but the combat is really good, and it's challenging, but not frustrating.

    I'm generally understanding what's going on, but am I gonna struggle later on with no frame of reference in terms of canon?
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  5. This reeks of some 360 corporate synergy nonsense intended to tie in with the tv series release!
  6. Hasn’t it pretty recently been remastered?
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  7. You should understand it all, but some of the more touching moments won’t make sense unless you’re aware of Order 66 etc.
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  8. I honestly don't get why they are going for Last of Us remake if its true. The game looks great as a PS4 remaster. I mean, I can see Last of Us having the same or even better graphics as the sequel but it simply isn't necessary.

    At the very least, they should call it a remaster and not a remake. When I think of remake, I think of huge changes from the ground up like Final Fantasy 7 or Resident Evil had - Last of Us simply won't have that.
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  9. So allegedly Sony were aiming to remake the first Uncharted game, but realised it would be too expensive so they settled on The Last of Us instead.

    Also, the remake was intially given to one of the smaller studios under Sony's umbrella (Sony's Visual Arts Service Group) and they began work without much help from the higher ups, before it was unceremoniously taken off them and given to Naughty Dog to finish instead. This led to a lot of the VASG management leaving, including the director Michael Mumbauer. Here's a longer version that explains it fully:
    (They also rearranged a Japanese developers structure last week which caused most of them to quit too nn.)

    Basically, Sony's upper-management's obsession with scoring a commercial success for the PS5 has caused chaos. We been knew I guess.
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  10. Not gonna lie, I considered myself a Playstation fan since the PS1/2 days, but every news that comes out about Sony lately makes me like the company less and less. Pretty much everything about the PS5 launch mess, the Japan Studio winding down, the shutting down of the PS3/Vita stores and of PS4 communities, now that TLoU remake mess...
  11. The focus of the whole article is a bit weak in my opinion. Jason is pushing the conclusions that "Sony is avoiding risk and prioritizing its biggest teams" and "Sony's prioritization of the biggest games and studios has created ripple effects all across the organization."

    But that's not really clear from the events it's telling:

    - Sony didn't want a Days Gone sequel even though the first one was profitable, and part of Sony Bend is now working on a brand new IP. So that's rejecting a safe bet and trying something new and of smaller scale. The other half of the studio is working on a new Uncharted game, so it's not like they have problems handing big IPs to smaller teams.

    - The new group of developers didn't want to make something original, they formed to work on cheap remakes, first of Uncharted and then of The Last of Us (which was their idea). And it just happens that the heads didn't like their work and thought it was more expensive compared to other remakes. So that's not going for a blockbuster. Could it be that they just...didn't like the direction of the project?

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Literally who was even asking for an Uncharted 1 remake?! It literally plays and looks great on both PS3 and PS4. Why not remake the one that was PS Vita only so the whole series could be on one platform? And then pivoting to The Last of Us when it's already a spectacular game.....

    Literally what the fuck are they even thinking?
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  13. Is anyone asking for this? Like i'm pretty sure anyone that cares to play Last of Us has at this point.
  14. Remaking a not even 10 year old game that already had a remaster feels very "Gwen Stefani remastering a 15 year old album to minimal difference." If the Uncharted remake was too expensive why not aim for a franchise that actually deserved it?

    Also Days Gone was robbed of a sequel, it's not the games fault everyone expected it to re-invent the wheel and become the next The Last of Us out of nowhere. It does what it aims for very well.
    Aside from the obvious cheap hit, I bet they're wanting to wash the devisive reviews of The Last of Us 2 out of people's mouths quickly. Yeah some people raved about it, but many were annoyed by the whole "hurp-de-durp violence is bad and we're gonna try and make you feel bad about killing people but also we're not really going to give you an option to not kill people and Ellie gives no fucks about killing someone if it's outside of a cutscene" angle very quickly.
  15. He


    What can change so much in Last Of Us? The remaster already looks pretty great. And the sequel played almost identical, so it’s not like the gameplay can be “modernized”.
  16. I finished The Last of Us Part II this weekend, and I have so many thoughts. I'll put these behind a spoiler tag for anyone who still hasn't played it, but overall, while it clearly has its flaws, it is an absolute masterpiece of the medium in so many ways.

    I didn't play Part I all that long ago, but I vividly remember bursting into the surgery to save Ellie at the end of the game. My immediate instinct, as the surgeon approached me with a scalpel, was to shoot him, and after he slumped against the back wall of the room my partner asked "Why did you do that? You could have left him." I never would have guessed that this moment, which has stayed with me since I put down the controller, would prove so pivotal.

    Sadly, I had Joel's death spoiled for me. It was a bold choice given Joel is an incredibly likable character, and his relationship with Ellie was one of the reasons for the first game being so compelling. But it wasn't the only bold choice, and I didn't expect it to come so early. It was brutal and heartbreaking, and when it happened it was done by a group of people who the game wanted me to assume were a bunch of bad guys. To then spend half the game as part of those bad guys was a huge risk, and one that many people clearly don't think paid off. I think it was an absolute triumph - I have never thought so deeply about video game violence, who the characters on the other side are, and how revenge is such an engine of action in a post-hope world.

    There are plenty who would say that forcing the audience to do this thinking without giving them meaningful choice renders it all a bit pointless, but I can't say I agree. I'm playing as Ellie, experiencing her story and taking on her thoughts and actions. Sure, I absolutely hated fighting Abby at the end - I wanted her and Lev to get away - but feeling this and still having to see it through as Ellie was true to her character.

    I'm so disappointed to read the nutters on Last of Us subreddits claiming that the entire plot "retconned the first game and made Joel into a villain". It's just not true. Joel is a complex character, and if you came out of the first game thinking he was some sort of saint then you've missed the point of that game, so more fool you. I even saw someone claim "it's ridiculous they're forcing us to play as someone who has committed first-degree murder". If that upsets you, it's probably time to delete the game from your hard drive because literally everyone in this game is a murderer. Besides, there are so many moments of beauty, including ones involving Joel, that far exceed the giraffe moment of Part I, that I can't believe people are so willfully misinterpreting what the game is saying. Part of me knows that a lot of the criticism comes down to incels reacting against lesbians, women with biceps, and a transgender character, and that makes me so, so sad.

    It's not controversial to say it's among the most beautifully realised worlds I've seen in a game, and how they've managed to pull this off on a PS4 is mind-blowing. Seattle is so believably being reclaimed by nature, and the larger spaces give everything so much more room to breathe than in the first game. This combined with just how visceral the melee combat is and how brilliantly the animations work... it honestly just feels like a few steps from being a movie, even outside of the set pieces. I know this is what Naughty Dog have been working towards for many years, but I'm so impressed with how well they've done.

    Abby's half of the game was without doubt the strongest - I found her set pieces more exciting and her relationships more complex. I was uneasy at first, knowing what she'd done, but it was brilliantly executed. Her relationship with Owen was sincere and heartbreaking, seeing as we knew what was coming, and what she did for Yara and Lev really got me onside. It did feel ridiculous facing off against Ellie in the theatre, and letting her go was probably the only misstep in character motivations for me (maybe Ellie going to Santa Barbara as well), but overall I believed it all. I believed the hard decisions and the grief and the rage.

    There are, however, weaknesses in the gameplay loop. In Part I the amount of scrounging around for loot was kind of acceptable - areas were smaller and the game was shorter. This time around it felt a little grueling. I wish they'd spent some time implementing more interesting environmental puzzles - something like Resident Evil 2's puzzles would have really elevated the game for me. Memorising door codes and putting a bin on a ramp really were not it.

    In any case, sign me up for Part III with Lev as the main character in 2027.
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  17. I like your review and I agree with everything you said.

    I really still believe people wouldn't have complained so much if major plot points hadn't been leaked. On paper it does seem weird to switch to Abby halfway through but when you actually play it, it makes so much sense. Its just a shame that people stuck to their initial opinions like sulky 5 year olds but some people are unfortunately like that.

    You are totally right how they missed the point of the first game if they think Joel is a saint. NO ONE is the saint in this world that they created, that is the point. BUT I completely understand why the characters behave the way they do. Sure, its easy to point Abby as some villain who killed precious Joel but she lost her father - people might think that she should have moved on because its been years but not everyone can do that. Abby and Ellie are exactly the same, the only difference is that Ellie set her revenge in motion the moment she found out Joel got killed, Abby couldn't do that so her anger boiled inside her. And hey, Ellie did MUCH worse when you think about it, she killed half of her comrades and friends, even a bloody dog - I can see why Abbie got even more bitter. Also, when you really think about it, I am sure Abby's father would have acted the same way if he was in Joel's shoes. The whole store and its characters are very complex, nothing is either black or white, its just a whole lot of grey.

    I was honestly surprised when I saw so many people being disappointed that Ellie hadn't killed Abby, which is an ending I would absolutely hate. It is good Ellie spared her because the core message of the game is that revenge isn't an answer, Ellie broke the violence cycle so she can somehow possibly move on. At the end of the day, when I think about the game, 1 thing always comes to mind: damn, had Ellie stayed on that farm and lived happily with her family, she would have gotten what she wanted, Abby would have died n that pole. That is messed up, it makes you think which is why the ending is perfect as it is.

    On the side note, I have to mention that Rat King abomination. When he jumps at you from that ER van, what a moment. You want to kill it and simply survive but when it is done, the whole thing its very heartbreaking. To think that so many people festered inside that van and joined in 1 huge organism, so gross nut sad as well.

  18. This is AMAZING!
  19. A Steam link embed? Oh wow, now I've seen everything.
  20. I bought Tales of Vesperia while it was on sale on the Playstation Store and it's already serving? It took some time for me to really get into Berseria (opening gag aside) but Vesperia has already given me four party members and the art direction is absolutely gorgeous. The way it also immediately improved everything I would've changed about the Symphonia overworld is a nice surprise.

    The Tales series is kind of doing the damn thing when it comes to modern JRPG's.
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