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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shockbox, May 4, 2009.

  1. The PS4 remake of Ratchet is really really REALLY bad and basically throws away all the sharp satire of the original in favour of kids movie crap
  2. Gameplay is superb though and it looked gorgeous. Very fun time getting that platinum.
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  3. Aren’t the PS3 Ratchet & Clank games generally considered weaker than the other entries? Either way, I wouldn’t pass value judgments on the series based on one entry. Up Your Arsenal is superb from the main story worlds to the Captain Qwark side scrolling portions that are just as strong as the main game.

    The PS4 remake does fall flat in terms of story but I largely skipped those segments because the story is generally pointless in most platformers having played the original.
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  4. I’m nearing the end of my second play through of Ghost of Tsushima. This is genuinely one of the greatest games I’ve played. The gameplay is fantastic, and I love any stealth game, but it’s the storyline that puts it above the rest and above being Assassin’s Creed in Japan.

    When your horse dies, it’s genuinely one of the most moving moments in any game, film or TV show.
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  5. The PS3 Future trilogy was fantastic, especially A Crack In Time, which is easily one of the best games in the series. Didn't actually play the other PS3 games though, which supposedly weren't as good.
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  6. The PS3 R&C games didn’t do anything for me. It was all about the PS2 ones.

    I enjoyed playing through the PS4 ones as opposed to the PS3 ones.
  7. Same, I loved it!
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  8. Having Lady Dimitrescu modded into RE:3 was inevitable:

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  9. She’s playing Dual Destinies for the first time…Athena is a gay icon.
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  10. Attempting the slow burn towards affiliate so if y'all wanna follow on
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  11. Damn this is pretty huge
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  12. Ooo I love this. I wonder how integrated it will be.
  13. YAS. I’m hoping it’s relatively simple to work around because theoretically it could make cross console voice chat a cinch
  14. I was hoping this wasn't actually true but it really is huh? It's depressing how some of these big publishers really don't care the slightest bit about anything but maximising profits. I'm sure Spyro 4 or Crash 5 or whatever would have been successful, but of course it wouldn't compare to CoD microtransaction money.
  15. Crash 4 was a bit of a car crash in terms of marketing and it’s insane they couldn’t see where they went wrong. Like marketing it as a hardcore game for hardcore gamers, the price tag being pretty much double the OG trilogy remaster, shoving it as a Q4 game where it was guaranteed to get overshadowed pretty quickly and with no next gen version.

    I know the originals were hard but 4 aiming to be the hardest and marketing itself like that led to loads of weirdly off putting previews for new/younger players. People love Crash because he’s a likeable characters whose games were hardware showcases with real spectacle, certainly the difficulty was always there but reviving a franchise while angling it only at its most hardcore fans at a price point that’s a tough sell for a genre that isn’t eh vogue just was a recipe for disaster.

    Which isn’t to blame Toys for Bob they made a pretty worthy sequel (most my issues I hold with the originals too) but it was the wrong game at the wrong time for the franchise and Activision dropped the ball big time in not better planning out an entry that could bring in and keep a new audience and put it at a price appropriate for the game it was in a crowded market of AAA blockbusters

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    I finally finished Trails of Cold Steel IV...

    What. A. Game.

    I was literally weeping at the end. Even though it's only been a little over 5 years since the first game came out in the US, I've grown so attached to these characters....I don't know what I'm gonna do now. I guess I'm waiting for the Hajimari translation, but seriously WOW this game was just everything.
  17. I've finally bit into Atelier Ryza 1. After 20+ hours of hitting the A button on my Switch as I watched numbers nonsensically just get bigger in the synthesis screen and my attack numbers go up, I've got to say, this game has made some points!

    Glad I preemptively bought the second one when it was on sale before I started this one.
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  18. Does anyone else think ray tracing is massively overrated as a next gen feature? I mean 60fps becoming the standard has felt so transformative and I’ve played both Resident Evil and Watchdogs with ray tracing and found myself barely noticing a difference.
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  19. I think what I’m hoping for is that ray tracing might allow lighting to… kinda take care of itself? And then devs can focus on improving texture realism so that everything plays nicely with the lighting.

    Even if it just helps studios avoid crunch, it’ll be a win.
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